A piece of your soul
A piece of your soul
A piece of your soul
A piece of your soul
A piece of your soul
A piece of your soul
A piece of your soul

That line has gone through my head seven times before it hit me. While that line was going through my head, Tim slid down onto the chair and turned white. I close my eyes, count to ten then open them again. The nameless one kept his eyes on me, not on Tim. I met his gaze evenly.

“Shimasani-san please leave,” I say in an even tone. “I would recommend you do if you do not want to see a lady mad.”

Shimasani looked at the nameless one. The nameless one nodded his head and the old man got up to leave. After the door closed, the nameless one asked, “Well, what is your decision?”

“You want a piece of our souls,” I asked.

“Yes,” he answered. I thought he would not answer right away or at least laugh but no he was serious.

If we did not want to disappear forever, we pay a price, giving up a piece of our soul. I looked at Tim. He was so young, he died young and he wasn’t a ghost not even close to how long I have been. I think he even knows some relatives still who still walk this plane. We didn’t have a choice.

“I want to negotiate.” I say, tasting the words on my tongue. Tim looked up and I could see he was wondering what was going through my head. I looked at the nameless one, now he looked entertained.

“I will listen,” he answered, I could see interest peaking.

“Only part of my soul, not Tim’s,” I answer.

“You know that is not enough, what else?” Now he did look interest. He wanted to see if I was able to save Tim’s soul. Damn him, he knew that I would do this. He knew that I would protect Tim.

“Em, you are nuts, don’t,” Tim said.

“Shut up, Mr. Tim,” I told him. “I will stay with you. After the prank is over, I’ll come back and stay for good with you.”

Now the nameless one titled his head and said, “Why would that benefit me? Having another ghost around?”

“I’m old, I play many games and seen a lot of the humanities history. I am great at GO and you will not be bored.” I tell him. I know it was probably not enough for him to stop wanting a part of Tim but it was the only thing I had. Giving up my freedom to roam this land and staying with him forever.

The nameless one got up and walked up to me, his body floated up even though he was in a human target. This ghost definitely was strong.

“Em, stop, we are both in this together. I am ok with his price.” Tim said and walked up to both of us.

The nameless one and I ignored him.

“So Emma, what you are saying is that you are willing to give up your freedom and stay here with me?” He asked me, this time in a serious tone.

I didn’t waver, “Yes.”

“You will not leave to play pranks on people, you will not travel to other countries like you normally do or swim in the clouds?” he asked me again.

He knew so much about my habits. “Yes, I will stay with you. Do we have a deal?”

He smiled, “Yes, we do.”

A contract appears in front of me. It says that I am giving up a part of my soul and my freedom. I put my hand on the bottom of the paper and see my ghost imprint appearing.

“Em,” Tim said shocked that I actually went through this.

The nameless one descended back onto the ground and took out a business card. “Call me when you get settled into the hotel in New York. I will start working on my part.”

Tim and I say, “ok” at the same time.

“Oh and Emma, if you do not come back to me after you finish with the prank, your whole soul will belong to me.” The nameless one says and snaps his fingers.

Tim and I are again end up outside in the parking lot. I look up at the sky and say “You already have me.”

The End

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