Tim - Misplaced EnthusiasmMature

"I'm so glad you two decided to come back!  Do you want another Yoohoo?"  The Nameless One said, with heaps of misplaced enthusiasm.

Tim and Emma looked at each other for a moment, then back at him.  "No."  They chorused.

The Nameless One shrugged, and placed another stone on the board.  They had caught him in the middle of a game of Go, which he didn't appear to want to save for later.  The old oriental man sat across from him, leaving just enough space for Emma and Tim to stand awkwardly off to the side.

The elderly man grunted at the last move, which took him completely by surprise.

"It's okay, Shimasani-San."  The Nameless One smiled, as a parent would over their child's failed math problem.  "You're doing fine.  Watch the upper right corner, though.  The Ko could be an issue."  He turned back to Emma and Tim.  "So why are you guys here?"

Emma coughed.  "Nameless One, we need your assistance in the matter of our divine prank."

Shimasani made his move, followed by The Nameless One slamming a Go stone down in a seemingly illogical place.  Shimasani groaned once again.

"Oh, the 9/11 memorial thing?"

Tim looked at Emma.  "How does he know?"  He whispered.

"I make it my business to know everything."  The Nameless One interjected.  "By the way, Shimasani-San, your group in the bottom right is dead."

Shimasani nodded, and timidly placed a capping stone above The Nameless One's.

The Nameless One looked up at Emma.  "What I don't know is what you desire me to do about it."

"It is a very sizable favor we're requesting...  We need police.  People to set up a memorial service, and a legitimate one at that..."

"Easy."  The Nameless one waved the comment away.  Then he stopped and began to smile disconcertingly.  "But first...  You need to promise me something."

I don't like where this is going.  Tim thought.  "What do you desire?"

"A lot."  The Nameless One approached Shimasani's lower group once again, hoping to dig it out from underneath.  "But what you can give me is something a tad personal to yourselves."

"And that would be what?"  Emma asked.

Menacingly, The Nameless One turned to them.  His expressions went from childish to demonic.  "A piece of your soul."

The End

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