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We were sitting in a café in their veranda drinking coffee and eating cakes. We were a couple of streets down from the memorial and many ghosts. A memorial is more appropriate and would be easy to do if we get a ghost inside a government’s official. Chances of that happening are next to zero. Only because no ghost will want to jump bodies when knowing two ghosts are stuck. On another note, our targets were foreigners so technically they had no rights to do a memorial service? Do they? I do not know any of the laws.

“Tim, maybe we should think of something else,” I say very quietly and bite on the edge of my finger.

“Em, what’s wrong with you? It is too late to back out,” Tim says in a fearful voice.

I guess I did scare him. “I didn’t know that so many ghosts are still around. Annawan is right. We haven’t really thought about the consequences of opening the door. We were and are just thinking about our hides. I’m not backing out, I guess I am scared. The numbers of ghosts that will be around will be catastrophic. No earth bound ghosts that are around at the moment will help us stop the havoc…and we are not going to get any help from anyone we know either. They would be too scared to get into a similar situation to ours. Annawan helped us with the spell but that’s it. He did say that he will not help us. And,” I paused so everything I said so far would sink into Tim’s head before dropping another bomb. “There is no way to know for sure that even after we open the door, the universe will be satisfied. We may vanish from existence after all. I just want both of us to realize that, that even if we do succeed we might disappear.”

Tim looked pale. “The universe cannot be this cruel.”

“It can if it took away two souls because of their failure. We are nothing to it, we are just some toys. I don’t want to do this but after we figure out how to do a memorial service, we might need his help,” I finish with a sigh.

“Whose help,” Tim asks getting irritated with me, probably with my speech about possibilities.

“The nameless one,” I answer. “And I still say I need to go shopping for a black dress, my style of course, all puffy and girly-no loop skirt but something that is me.”

“Ok so change of topic from doom and dresses. The memorial service. When should we have it? We have now less than two weeks to do it. I do not believe the spell needs to be said that it needs to be done on the full moon so we can do it a lot earlier. A sacred hour….is that like midnight? Can it be noon? 7pm?” Tim finishes asking his questions and finishes his cake at the same time.

“Sacred hour is always midnight so we need to have the service during midnight. Which means people need to know and buy candles so they can gather around the memorial thinking about all the fallen. So we need to…er…advertise? Is that right,” I ask him. “But if we are at the site of the 9/11 so it just may be 8:46 A.M. so maybe we have two choices for the sacred hour.”

“Yeah, that is right. Em.  A midnight ceremony or the time when the crash of flight 11 happens in New York…let’s think more on it,” Tim answers and walks away to order more cakes. I swear human bodies eat way too much. 

The End

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