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"Now."  Annawan sat cross legged, pulled out his pipe, and lit it.  "Here is what you must do." He took a smoke before continuing. "There is a ritual or a spell. More of an ritual rather than a spell because you need fifty voices. Better to have than fifty voices."

"This is nuts," Tim exclaims.

"There is more. It has to be fifty voices or more sounding as one," Annawan finishes.

"Yeah, that is going to be easy," I answer sarcastically.

"If you find the right way, Em, it will be a synch," Annawan answers and continues smoking looking at me like I need to have an answer right away.

"New York, tons of people, how hard is it to say a few words together," Tim says and starts making a fire.  Both of us started to get cold with the wind that picked up. I watched him build the fire and the reflection of the flames in his eyes.

 "What are the words of the spell, Annawan," I ask quietly but I know that he heard me.

"I knew you liked me well enough to ask that question," Annawan answers me.

"That question is worth nothing, I should have asked that question right after you said what we needed to do," I answer him with my anger rising in my voice.

Upon this sacred hour
We open the door to the unseen
The unbelieved
It is time for you to break the veil upon your mind
Upon your eyes and your senses
For things are not what they seem
They have never been
Things walk beside you
They breathe the same air
They watch you
They know you
And now you will see them too
You will see that they are here

You will see that they exist 

His voice sounded deep and not from this world, not even from the world of the ghosts.

"So we basically are admitting we are opening the door to the ghost world to all of the people in the place where 9/11 happened," Tim says.

"Yes, you are but they wouldn't understand," Annawan says.

"And why not," Tim asks.

"Because humans do not understand and why they would not understand what you two are doing, Lady Emma," Annawan switches from answering Tim to asking me.

"Because we will be putting on a play about two witches calling upon the forces of good and evil," I respond.

"That is my girl," Annawan says with a smile playing on his lips. 

The End

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