Tim - A RequestMature

Annawan stared down at Emma and Tim with a look of incredulity.  "You want to do what?"  His booming voice echoed around the burial grounds.

"You heard us."  Emma took a step forward.  "We're opening a door to the ghost world as our universal prank.  I figured there'd be a rift on the site of 9/11, but we needed to consult you on how to open it."

"Please, sir.  We need to know."  Tim stared at his feet, unable to glance directly at Annawan.

The great ghost paused for a moment.  He looked into the sky and pondered their words.  The wind whipped the nearby trees back and forth, like the hands of a clock counting down the precious seconds Emma and Tim had left.

"Are you aware of the consequences of your actions, young ghosts?"  Annawan almost looked sympathetic.  "Yes, there is a rift to our world there.  But...  If you do this, millions of spirits will seep back into the world - for better and for worse.  Many people, like the ones from the World Trade Center, will be confronted with nothing other than the pain they experienced from their death.  Others, though..."

Tim nodded.  "We understand."

Annawan continued anyway.  "Only evil is present in some spirits.  They will devote their newfound existence to ruining the lives of others.  Each action they take will have no motivations other than sinister ones.  Some people deserve to be dead."

"We know, Annawan."  Tim said.  "And we're prepared to deal with the fallout, should it occur."

"Just for your information - and I'm sure you can attest to this yourself, Annawan - death changes people."  Emma spoke confidently.  "Neither Tim nor I are the way we were in life, at least not entirely.  We have learned from our mistakes."

Tim breathed a sigh of relief.  Say what you will about Emma, but when she believes something is right, she'll find what she needs to back it up.

Annawan took a full minute of pondering before he closed his eyes.  "Then if that is what you must do, it is what must be done."

Tim thought he almost caught a hint of a smile on Emma's face.  "Thank you." she said.

"Now."  Annawan sat crosslegged, pulled out his pipe, and lit it.  "Here is what you must do."

The End

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