Emma-Where is the doorway?Mature


I was really happy that if I was not drinking, my drink would have been all over Tim. "Ser Tim, may you please repeat yourself." I wanted to make sure I heard him right.

"Lady Emma, we are going to open the doorway to the ghost world. That is our grand prank," Tim tells me and watches the double doors to the kitchen again.

I shake my head at him, and I thought I was insane. "So what you are saying Ser Tim is that the answer that is so close in our grasp according to the nameless one is...opening the doorway to ghostville?"

"That, is what I am saying Em," Tim responds and at that moment the waitress comes back with the two coffees.

"Cosa volete ordinare," the waitress asks us about what food we want to get.

"Origano pizza per favore," Tim answers and then both look at me expectantly.

"Skillet Lasagna per favore," I answer in Tim's accent. The waitress leaves and both of us watch her go.

"Well, Em what do you think," Tim asks me as he takes a sip of the coffee.

"Non tutte le ciambelle riescono col buco,"I answer him back.

"Ok, say that again in English, I think I understood something about donuts," Tim answers me,

"It means: Things don't always turn out as expected," I tell him and take a sip of my coffee.

"Well we learned that lesson a hard way," Tim answers. The waitress comes back with some bread, butter and dipping sauce.

She leaves and I speak again. "Well we might learn it again. Where is the doorway, Tim?"

He pauses from putting butter on his bread. "Not sure, somewhere around here?"

"There are several doors to the ghost world. One of them could be in New York but for that we need to go back and talk with Annawan. We need the specific location and how to open it. Any rituals for instance and the materials that we would need to get. He would know what we will need to get," I tell him and bite into my piece of bread.

"At least he won't need us to get food for him," Tim answers and eyes the waitress coming our way with our orders.

"I think there is a doorway the twins towers used to be. It is somewhere there but Annawan would know for sure," I tell him. 

The End

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