Tim - "Crap."Mature

The two had driven for awhile before realizing that they needed sustenance as well.  Emma pointed out a simple Italian Restaurant on the side of the highway, and now they were sitting across from each other at a checkered table with Arias playing in the background.

Emma pointed at the air.  "Now this is music."

"Whatever, Em."  Tim opened the menu.  In the car, they hadn't come up with anything.  Each prank they thought up lacked the epic feel they needed.  Practical jokes involving the Population of New York, the U.S. Postal Service, and even the President of the United States were discussed - but nothing had come to fruition.

"We're talking a completely different ballgame here."  Tim said for the umpteenth time, as the waitress came up to them.

She was fairly attractive, with typical Italian features - dark eyes, olive skin and luscious black hair.  She looked at them expectantly.  "Cose volete adesso?"

Tim looked to Emma.  "What do you want to drink?"

She waved him off, clearly still thinking of the subject at hand.  "Coffee is fine."

He leaned back at the girl and smiled.  Might as well have some fun, here.  "Due cappuccini, per favore."  Then a sly wink.

The waitress turned her head to give him an equally sly smile.  "Perfetto."  She walked away.  

When Tim returned his gaze to Emma, it was clear she was unimpressed.  "Honestly?  Now is not the time to flirt."

Tim shrugged and followed the waitress with his eyes again.  "I haven't had sex in twenty years, and I'm not planning on ever doing that again.  Just let me have some fun okay?"

"Fun is not a priority."  Emma laid her head in her hands.  "We have to come up with the biggest prank in the history of history...  And we have nothing tangible so far.."

He watched the waitress go through the double doors into the kitchen, disappearing beyond the darkened doorway.  "I'm sure it will come to us.  We've just got to do our thing and..."


Come to us.

Lightbulb.  Tim groaned, realizing what had to be done.  It was far-fetched, to be sure.  But it was definitely the only way to proceed with things.  "Crap."  He said.

Emma noticed the look on his face.  "Timothy?  What's wrong?"

Sadly, Tim looked at his friend.  "You know how we've got to come up with the biggest prank in the history of the universe?"

Folding her arms, she nodded.  "Yes.  What about?"

"Well get ready to break the universe."  Tim sighed, "We're going to open the doorway to the ghost world."

The End

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