I was furious!

"HE...He....HE! HOW COULD HE TREAT US WITH SUCH DISRESPECT!"  I yelled in the parking lot. I twirled on my feet and glared at Tim. "If you would never have thought of pulling out of the prank...we would not be in this situation!"

"Me? ME!" Tim growled at me loudly. "This was your idea, yours. And now neither of us can pull out of this. We already lost like two days. We have less than two weeks. Get in the car, I will start driving us back to New York ."

"FINE! I will TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY! But how dare he treat us like that, throwing us out by magick! That is rude, he, he is such a SCOUNDREL. There! I said it. The nameless one is a scoundrel!," I yell a little bit quieter now.

"You know if the you are going to call him names, you may as well do that when you are far away from him," the same ghost appeared that greeted us the first time at the hotel.

"Scoundrel, I will call him that again. He can't do anything to me anyway, the universe will do it for him in less than two weeks," I growl.

"He can still do some stuff, Lady Emma," the ghost said and disappeared.

"Emma, come on, let's go. Get in the car, you calling him names is not going to help us," Tim tells me and drags me to the passenger's front seat.

"How can you be calm about this? I can handle the news of my soul not existing and I can handle the universe being bored but I am a Lady. I was born a Lady who took her own life but still I am Lady. He could have just told us to leave," I go from being angry to being pouty.

"I am calm because yelling doesn't help. I will start freaking out when we will get to a hotel and I will not be behind a wheel. If I start screaming and cursing, I might become too angry to drive and then all four of us will be doomed," Tim says calmly and starts the engine.

I open my mouth and then realize he is right. I hate it when he thinks so logically. About ten minutes pass before I speak. "So one thing that is good is that we promised the universe a prank, not to change the world so we have a chance."

"Yes, that is true," Tim answers and pulls onto a highway.

"And there is a hole that they left in the universe," I continue with my thinking out loud.

"Yes, that is true," Tim repeats himself and I am reminded that hotels have pillows and one of them will land on his face when we get there.

"So, we need a prank that will make the universe happy and we need to do something about that hole," I finish my thinking out loud.

"I guess so," Tim answers.

"Well while you drive, Tim, think about the prank that we can do and I will think, too," I tell him and look out the window. 

The End

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