Tim - Destiny and a 'Yoohoo!'Mature

Three more pieces of Supreme pizza were consumed in ominous silence.

Tim sat next to the infuriated Emma, holding her kneecap in one hand and a Yoohoo in the other.  This super-knowledgeable ghost had a thing for supreme pizza and chocolate milk.  He couldn't help but consider that odd.

The Nameless One wiped his (thematically inappropriate) chocolate milk mustache off his face and sighed.  "Your question about the ones that were..."  He paused and cocked his head, clearing off the Go board.  "Erased.  You wanted to know what they promised?"  The stones clattered as he dropped them into the bowls.

"Yes."  The two ghosts chorused.

Upon finishing replacing the stones, he put the lids on the bowls and set them gently upon the Goban.  "They promised to change things.  To make the world a better place for disenfranchised people like themselves."

"Disenfranchised..."  Tim scratched his head.

"Over a hundred years ago..."  A lightbulb went off in Emma's head.  "African-American Slaves?"

The Nameless One crossed his legs lotus style on the couch, and held his feet, nodding solemnly.  "Wes and Sue, I believe.  They swore they would bring their people into the light of American Citizenship and such.  You know."

Tim was confused.  "But they must have succeeded.  The Emancipation Proclamation was enacted, and the Civil War took place.  What went wrong?"

"Their methods."  The Boy's voice became very quiet and low.  "Their motivations turned to hate, and they ran out of time.  The Universe sucked them back into nothingness, and they were deleted from existence essentially.  But they left a hole in their wake, and that is what you are stuck in right now."

Emma stood up.  "But what does that have to do with us?  Why do we have to do this prank now?"

"You have to do what they didn't."  The boy looked up at her, bored.  "You have to simultaneously accomplish the greatest prank of all time, and fix the hole they left in the universe."

Tim exploded in fury.  "How in the hell are we supposed to do that."  

The boy grinned evilly.  "The answer is closer than you think."  And he snapped his fingers.

Suddenly, Emma and Timothy were in the parking lot, with nothing but themselves, their belongings, and two bottles of Yoohoo.

The End

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