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I get up from the chair, I was sitting in and walked over to the nameless one, who just sent me over the edge with his phrase: Do what you came here in the first place to do - the greatest prank of all time. "Listen kid, why do you think we came to New York in the first place! We did not need to get stuck in alive humans to remind us of what we wanted to do," I tell him as I kneel in front of him and put my hand on his head.

The kid just stares at me, he has blue eyes and messy black hair. As I look closer into his eyes, I notice wisdom that goes beyond the age of the kid in front of me. "Tim, is Emma always this difficult?"

"Yes,"  Tim grunts and I am reminding myself that I need to throw a shoe at him later.

"Emma, it is nice and all seeing you so close in your red corset but I have to remind you, that one of you would have pulled out," the nameless out tells me.

"You are not reminding me about anything here. That is news to me, kid. why would Tim or I pull out of this," I ask him in return with still my hand on his head. 

"Emma, I know you would not pull out but Tim would have. When you said it to the world about your biggest prank  ever, you made an announcement to the universe. You being stuck in those bodies was the universe's way of making sure you held part of the deal," the nameless one answers.

"What? Is the universe bored or something," I ask him.

"Precisely," the nameless one answers me.

"You have got to be kidding me, what kind of the universe we are in anyway," Tim speaks.

"A bored one. Since you are dead and are in a ghost form, you know more of the universe's secrets. So guys, just do the prank in the two weeks' time and you will be fine," the nameless one says and gets out from under my hand and bites into the pizza. "Hmm, this pizza is delicious."

"Why a kid's body...sir," Tim asks as I take a slice of the pizza and bite into it myself, contemplating of what the nameless one just said. Then he takes a slice, himself.

"It would look weird for me as an adult to talk to the dead, wouldn't," the nameless one answers. "This way, the alive would just think me having imaginary friends when I start talking to 'air.'"

"That sort of makes sense," Tim answers finishing his slice and getting another one.

"So the ones that were erased completely, a hundred years ago, what did they promise the universe they would do? And why did their fail," I ask the nameless one.

"Ah, I am very happy that you haven't lost your touch, Em," the nameless one answers. "I will tell him after, I will a couple of more slices." He rings the bell on the table. A woman comes in wearing a maid's uniform. "Annie dear, please bring some drinks for all of us please." 

The End

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