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"Well this is a rather apt address," Randus said, pulling into 333 Soul Avenue.  They had been driving all day - they had figured Annawan meant northern New Jersey, but Camden ended up being further down south than originally expected.

Along with them picking up a large supreme pizza (which Tim strangely wanted a piece of), there was no surprise towards the sun being down by the time they reached their destination.

Emma, holding the pizza in one hand, got out of the car and examined the crummy apartment building.  "Well this is not what I had expected."

The apartment complex was very drab, with a decaying second story platform and aged brick walls.  A few extremely shady individuals were hanging around in the parking lot smoking.

"Me neither."  Tim stuffed his hands into his pockets and began walking towards the building.

Emma didn't seem to want to leave it at that.  "You'd think a ghost so wise wouldn't live in the equivalent of a garbage can.  I think I can taste that cigarette smoke..."

A chuckle arose from the group of shady individuals.  One of the called over:  "Dat ain't cigarettes, bitch."

"Classy."  She folded her arms.

They walked along the row of apartments until they reached number 333.  Tim reached out his fist to knock, when suddenly the door swung open.

A middle-aged man, with an athletic body and five o' clock shadow stood in the doorway.  He had messy dark hair, and a good strong jawline.  "The Nameless One is expecting you, Tim and Emma.  Please come inside."  He moved to the side to allow them in.

Tim and Emma looked at each other, shrugged, and walked through the door.

They were led into a surprisingly clean and well-furnished house.  In humongous contrast from the outside, decoration was scattered here and there.  A few individuals moved around the apartment.  All bowed their heads towards Tim and Emma as they passed.

Eventually, they were led into the living room.  Two couches sat facing each other, with a small mahogany coffee table sitting inbetween.  On the coffee table was a Go board - a thick slab of wood with nineteen black lines set up in a grid.

On the right couch was a young boy, no older than eight years old.  He was very pale and had thick, dark hair.  His scrawny face studied the board intently.  The other couch held an old man of clearly Asian ancestry.  They were in the middle of a game, and to Tim's mildly-experienced eye, the Boy had a distinct seven stone advantage.

"Master,"  The dark haired man said.

The boy raised his head in the direction of their escort, raising his eyebrows expectantly.

"Timothy and Emma.  They just arrived."  

"I know."  The boy smiled.  He looked towards the old man and bowed his head.  "Thank you for the game, Kaoru.  I look forward to seeing you again tomorrow."

The old man bowed his head, stood up, and walked away without looking into anyone's eyes.

The Nameless One gestured with a short arm towards the couch opposite to him.  "Sit!"  He smiled.

Tim and Emma complied.

His eyes lit up.  "Is that pizza for me!"

Emma nodded and handed him the pizza.

The Nameless One took a piece from the box and took a bite.  He closed his eyes, content.  After a few seconds, he spoke.  "I know why you're here."

"Yes..."  Tim shifted.  "We need to know how to get back into ghost form.  How do we save our souls?"

"Simple, really."  The Nameless One took another bite.  "Do what you came here in the first place to do - the greatest prank of all time."

The End

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