Emma-A morning messangerMature


I woke from a sleep filled with nightmares of not existing to the sound of running water. Tim wasn’t kidding about showering in the mornings; he also was turning back and forth all night. Quickly, I made the beds, folded all the blankets and sheet and put them into two piles. I hate when things are a mess. The water stopped leaving me with maybe five minutes to get dressed. Quickly, I changed into a corset dress; yes they had a dress with a corset for the top part at the store. The dress is reed satin with black strings to have it tied (it was zipped up in the back); the length of the skirt was to my knees. I put on my black flats and started brushing the long brown hair, just time because Tim got out of the bathroom.

Tim was moving the towel over his brown hair and looked up at me. “You are such a girl. Would the thing that you are wearing be appropriate for when you lived?”

“Good morning, to you, too Timmy,” I said through gritted teeth and flipped my hair over my face and then back, making the hair fall around my shoulders. “There is nothing appropriate to wear around here, unless it is a ballroom gown which I cannot wear, no matter how much I want to. It doesn’t make sense for a woman to walk around in ballroom gown in New York or New Jersey. Next time just compliment,” I pause. “This body is hungry, let’s go have the hotel’s breakfast and be on our way.”

Tim grunted, “I am sorry, I just didn’t expect to see you in something like that. Normally you are in your ball gown and all. Yes, let’s go have breakfast. I feel like driving again.”

We make our way to the office of the hotel that held breakfast. There were a couple of people in there, a couple of men whistled upon seeing me. Now these men knew when a lady was around…who was I kidding? I could tell that they started undressing me in their minds, well not me…this girl. I do have to say, if all women dressed like this, men would not have these types of reactions. The breakfast table held foods that I saw people eat but never had before. Tim explained to me about the foods. According to him, the things that were on the table were all delicious; we wouldn’t be able to taste it. Tm took something called ‘cereal’ which he dipped in milk and went over to a table. Haven’t these people heard of eggs with bacon? I had some coffee with a food called ‘waffles.’

When we sat down, I asked, “How can people eat this stuff? It is not natural. Cereal.” That word, I said in disgust. “I don’t why it is called food. In my time, it was real meals and not…not….plastic. I tell you, what you are eating is plastic.”

Before Tim could respond, we got interrupted by two heavy men. “Hey beautiful how about you ditch your brother and go for a ride with us? Trust me, you will love it,” one of the men said.

By this time, I finished my waffle. I smiled sweetly, got up and poured the hot cup of coffee over his head. “I prefer gentlemen over scum.” The two men were shocked for a second and then started cursing, the other guy started to punch me but before he could, I moved out of the way and kneed him in his stomach. Tim hit the other guy on the head. “Time, to leave bro?”

“Yes, it is,” Tim answers and we leave the office for our room. No one bothered us. “You know how to fight?”

“The dead always learn new tricks, you know this Tim,” I tell him and slide the hotel’s room key to get in. Again, I try to say something but stop myself because there is a ghost in our room. So instead, I ask, “Who are you?”

“Just a messenger, the nameless one sent me,” the ghost responds.

“He knows we are coming,” Tim asks.

“Yes, and he said that he took today and tomorrow off to help you. His address is 333 Soul Avenue, Camden. He asks me to bring some food when you come over,” the ghost responds back.

“What kind of ghost has an address and eats,” Tim asks curiously.

“The kind that has no name, he has transcended boundaries. He is ghost who inhabits a human’s body,” the ghost responds and both of us look shocked at that little bit of knowledge. He sees we are shocked and continues, “Don’t worry it is not like your situation, even though it is obvious that it is not. The soul of that body has passed on long time ago. The nameless one uses that body to live in and to help souls in need, like you. For all purpose out there, the nameless one is not a ghost but is alive. So now you got the address and know to bring food, I am leaving. See you soon.” He floats through the wall and we are left alone.

“Annawan should have told us this,” I say to Tim.

It looked like Tim was thinking hard. “If it is possible for him, what if…” he pauses “what if at the end of it we can live again?”

I shrug, “if it is possible…I don’t know. We will get more information when we see him. Right now, I want to focus on saving our and their,” I point at the targets, “souls. Let’s give back the key, get the car and leave. Do you think he likes pizza?” 

The End

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