If I didn't expect him to do that, I would have jumped really high like Tim did a moment ago. "Annawan, can you please think before you talk loudly, thank you," I tell him and cross my arms over my chest.

Annawan laughs in response, "well it took you two a while to get over here and I was getting bored."

"Annnawan," I hold my 'n' longer than I should.

"Tekwanonwerá:tons," Annawan tells us and bows his head.

I respond with, "Niawen’kó:wa from both of us." Tim looks confused so I translate. "Annawan, A Mohawk Chief has welcomed us, I thanked him for welcoming us to his home." Tim bows his head after he understood what just happened.

Annawan turns around and floats away from us, moving deeper into the burial grounds. "Come, I will listen to what you two have to say but before that, Emma please make a fire."  We followed him, after Annawan pointed to where I should me making a fire, I proceed. After the fire was done, Annawan looked deep into it for a couple of moments. "So tell me, Emma, why you have come here?"

"This might sound crazy, this never happened before but Tim and I are kind of stuck," I tell him without looking into his eyes.

"Tell me from the beginning Emma, about how that happened. I am not used to seeing you in a dress like that," Annawan told me. Annawan is dark skinned and dark haired man, age thirty at death. He is wearing a headdress of a Mohawk Chief and knows way too much about things. I told him about me technically forcing Tim for a big practical joke on humanity in New York. I told him about how I chose the targets and when we realized we got stuck. Also about how we felt really wrong being in these targets, still feel uncomfortable. Annawan pulled out a pipe from his bag and started to smoke. He is the only ghost that I knew that actually had material things with him, even though they were ghost ones, too. "You are wrong, dear, this happened before."

"When," Tim and I ask at the same time.

"A hundred years ago," he responds.

"That is not possible, I would have known then," I tell him shocked.

"The only way you wouldn't know, is if something was going on, on that day that had an impact on your psyche. That was June 18, 100 years ago. Can you remember where you were, sweetheart," he asks me.

I feel like a lump has formed in my throat. "Yes, I was at my grave. Archaeologists were studying my grave," I tell him. "What is so significant of that day?" I will never forget the day when I felt violated all over.

"That would do it. Your psyche was so immersed in how they were handling your remains you did not feel four souls disappear that day," Annawan answered.

I swallow, "so what happened?"

"Two ghosts took over their targets, felt not themselves, tried leaving but got stuck. On the full moon, on June 18, 100 years ago, their souls disappeared, their target souls disappeared, too," Annawan explains.

"You mean we will die," Tim asked in a fearful voice.

"My son, it is worse than death. there will nothing left of you," Annawan answers him.

"Do you know what we need to do, Annawan," I ask him.

"No, I do not, you need someone older than I. He is in New Jersey somewhere. He was a relative to one of our brethren that got stuck. I heard he will know what you two will need to do, there is two weeks until the next full moon," Annawan answers.

"Got his name," I ask him in return.

"He is so old, he has no name. Just ask a ghost in New Jersey about the man with no name and they will let you know where he is," He smokes, "But, problems will start for you when your targets awaken."

"What do you mean, awaken," I ask him, feeling Natalya's heart beat faster.

"I heard that when the targets woke up and there were two souls awake fighting for the same body, it would mean that you might be too late to save yourselves. I heard it happened to them a couple of days before the full moon." 

The End

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