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"Road trip," I asked him. "You have got to be kidding me. I cannot handle another taxi, the taxi drivers are always men are always rude...it's New York."

"Well if no taxi, Em. Don't worry, I can drive," Tim answers me and I see his ghost eyes flash through his target.

"We don't even know if these people drive," I tell him. It was sort of my fault for picking this couple but nothing ever went wrong. I couldn't be held accountable for it, could I?

Tim pulls out the guy's wallet from the back jean pocket and begins going through it, "cash, credit cards, medical card, and a driver license. His name is Joseph Rosenblum." Tim looks up at me with the biggest smile.

While he did all that, I found her wallet in her purse and read, "Her name is Natalya Rosenblum, so they are siblings and ahh gross she has a driver license, too." Women should not be driving in any age, it was good seeing women fighting for their rights and equality but when they started to drive, that put me on the edge. A woman is like a pearl, beautiful and men should fall to our feet.

"So women drive, so what, it's all modern," Tim tells me and I want to punch him on the shoulder which would not be lady like. I refrain myself.

"Maybe there is an Mohawk Native American ghost here somewhere," I tell him.

"Em, you said yourself that these ghost are particular to where they are, and I really, really want to drive! Come on, what can go wrong? I love driving, and I watched this guy built a Tesla, a Tesla. If the car breaks down on the way, I can fix it no problem," Tim finished his argument with a huge smile.  

I roll my eyes at his excitement, so young, so innocent, "Tim, hun, just to remind you that you need to be a 100% nothing goes wrong because if we die in these bodies there is no telling what happens to us and to the souls that are occupying these bodies." I narrow my eyes at him so he can think about this.

Tim doesn't change his expression, "nothing will go wrong, Em. It is just a car. And right across the street is a car rental place."

I look to where Tim was pointing to, "Ok, how about this. You go rent a car Mr. Best Driver in the World and I will go buy myself a dress. These jeans are way too tight."

"Em, you are such a girl. Fine, if this is the only way you will let me to drive, go get your dress. Try not to over pay this time. The Women clothing store is next door to the car rental so just come over when you have changed," Tim tells me, hugs me, then runs off to the car rental place.

I make my way to the women's store. I watched countless of time, modern women shopping. It is not pretty, but normally they buy different things. Dresses for special occasions. I entered the store to see jeans, pants, shirts and dresses. I didn't want a long dress but that was because I needed to make sure I could run. I chose to wear a tight black dress to my knees, with a blue printed design on the front. For shoes, I got rid of the sneakers that Natalya was wearing for black flats. "You will be a sensation at the party you are going to go to Miss," the seller girl said to me as I was eyeing myself in the mirror.

I smiled at her, "thank you but I am not going to a party. This is to wear for today, I kind of want to feel pretty."

"Ah, just something because. I like the concept. Will you be wearing that out," she asks me.

"yes, I will," I pull out my credit card and hand it to her, "I will also be getting these dresses and other clothing as well," I point at the chair. The girl looks like it is a holiday. I guess she will be congratulated on the big cell.

I walk up to the counter and wait for my card, "Ok, so that was $500, please sign on the receipt Natalya."

"Sure," I smile and take the pen into my hand. I pray for Natalya's hand to be natural with the signature. The hand signs for me and I receive the bag with my new dresses and other clothing. Since the dress is tight and short it feels a little weird but that was ok. It made me feel better and I never really went on a shopping spree in any of my targets before. It was mainly about jokes and stuff. I make my way to the car rental place to see Tim walking around the car. "You got the car, bro," I come to him.

Tim turns around and whistles, "You've been busy Em."

I smile, "yes, I was. Do they have a map or something. The book is a help but it's pretty old."

"Yes, they do. I got several in the glove compartment," Tim tells me.

I almost jump, "gloves, we can have gloves in cars. Why didn't I buy gloves. I totally forgot about those things."

"Technically you can put anything in there, not just gloves. Come on, I am anxious to get behind the wheel," Tim tells me.

"Remember be careful, there can be consequences if you are not," I tell him and take a heavy breathe before sitting down into the front seat. 

The End

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