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Tim froze as the ladder shook and almost fell.  As soon as he realized it wasn't going to collapse, he breathed a sigh of relief and gently continued to sift through the hundreds of old, decrepit tomes.  "Why am I doing this again?"

The two had taken a taxi to the NYC Public Library, where Emma had seriously overtipped the driver on accident (adding another zero where none was necessary).  It didn't matter much, though - these people were absolutely loaded.

Tim was on a ladder, looking through the demographic atlases of New England, while Emma sat at a nearby table with her face in her hands, looking contemplative.

"You're doing this because I need to think."  She lifted up her head and began twiddling her thumbs.  "Not to mention I was trying to test this whole circumstance."

"Test?"  Tim turned to face her, almost fell off, and grabbed back on to the bookshelf.  He was about four feet off the ground, but it still frightened him.

"Are you still afraid of heights?"  Emma asked.

"God yes."

"That was the test."  She stood up and began to pace.  "Our instincts are still the same.  But we both feel something very odd.  If we find out what has changed, then we can work on it."

We wouldn't even be in this situation if you hadn't told me to possess this guy.  He thought, but in the end, he couldn't truly incriminate Emma.  She and him had done this hundreds of times since they met six months back, and this is the first time it had ever gone remotely sour.  "We'll know more when we find your Indian tribe."  Tim caught sight of a book.  He picked up and began sifting through it.  "Speaking of..."

Emma walked over to him excitedly.  "What?"

Tim handed her down the book.  "That should help.  A Geographic Examination of Native American Tribes.  It's indexed by alphabetical order."

Her eyes lit up.  "Marvelous, Tim!"  She took the book from him and opened it on the table.

Carefully, Tim climbed down the ladder and went to join Emma in examining the book.

Emma had it turned to a map of New England.  The tribe she had indicated earlier, the Mohawk, were located in New York and southern Ontario.  "I'm looking for a burial ground..."  She said.  "I've seen very wise ghosts at Indian burial grounds before, and I have no reason to think that is a coincidence."

"Certainly not."  Tim shook his head, then placed his finger on a spot in Eastern New York State.  "There's the closest one:  Kanat..."  He furrowed his eyebrows.

"Kanatsiohareke."  Emma smirked at his incompetence.  "Someone's well-educated."

"Shut up."  He chuckled.  "That's quite a bit north of here, though.  Hope you're ready for a road trip."

The End

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