Emma- Landing in ManhattanMature


We jumped off the cloud into the center of Manhattan. Upon landing, I scream and shout while jumping into the air, wrapping my arms around Tim's shoulders. "What got you so scared, Emma," Tim asks me, fighting with my huge skirts and having problems holding me. I jumped of off him and pointed.

"That, that is what scared me," I say in a shriek voice and continue pointing at the black cat sitting on the curb. 

"That is only a black cat, a lovely black cat," Tim tells me and walks over to pet it. The cat starts purring.

"You people are so nuts. You never paid attention in school did you. Cats, black cats are demon spawn. They are familiars to witches, total evil," I reply and swing my arms up and down.

"And, you Emma, keep forgetting that maybe during your time and a little after black cats were evil but that is what humans made them to be. This little guy sees us and is purring for us. He has a soul just like everyone else, and he is cute," Tim tells me. Now the black cat is looking at me. I eyed the cat in return, animals are the only ones to actually see us, some run away while others stick around. This one stuck around, so yeah, forgive me but cats ARE evil because they can see us. So yeah, animals are evil. No one is supposed to be able to see the dead.  Some humans claim, and sometimes they say that they see us...but they don't know. They want to stand out, so they say we wear fancy dresses, bloody cuts on our sides, weapons sticking out our body parts. The only thing they got right about me is the fancy dress, they got nothing right about Tim.

"So ready to keep your promise,"  I smile at Tim and the cat.

"We're here, aren't we, what is the plan," Tim asked getting up back on his feet.

"Well first, we need to scout. I want to see how the city changed. I haven't been here in 50 years and those skyscrapers look amazing," I answer him and twirl on the spot.

"We are not seeing the city through the skyscrapers, we are walking on the ground, looking around. Got it," Tim asks me.

I smile, "How is it that the clouds don't scare you while long, big buildings do."

"Don't go there!" This time Tim snapped me, like I did when he mentioned how I died. Yeah, I drowned...but it doesn't mean that I would want to talk about it. I guess he feels the same way. For the past year both of us ignored talking about the way we died. At least he still can see the people he knew. They are getting older, yes but he still knows someone. I don't have anyone.

We start walking. "Ok, I want to do something big, front page news not just front news for the New York. But the whole world. That will make you like the death game so much more. But, I don't know if I want to go as far as causing a war. World War I was the one I started, I am sorry to say. So, I have to take it a notch down but still have fun."

Tim's eyes go wide. "You started World War I?"

I smile mischievously, "I kind of did. But that is the story for next time. Now, I see some humans over there that we can play a joke on. Got any ideas?"  

The End

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