Tim - Center of the UniverseMature

"So what you're saying is that you're a whiner."  Emma said, playing with the fluff of a cloud she couldn't touch.

We were in the sky, at the moment.  It was one of Emma's favorite places to be.  Besides museums, of course.  Emma had this strange habit of poking through random museums and pointing out various events she had seen, or even been a part of.  I was pretty sure that she was lying, for the most part.  She may have said she was old, but it was difficult to imagine such a cutesy young woman to be taking part in grand events that occurred centuries ago.

Only having been dead for twenty years, I never had that problem.

I rolled my eyes.  "No, Emma."  I leaned back and started slowly gliding around her in a circle, hands in my pockets, looking at my feet.  "I'm just saying that It's getting to be a lot for me.  This whole 'divine tricksters' gimmick we've got going on."  I brought my hands up in front of me, examining my soft, illusory body.  "Don't you ever wonder why we're...  Y'know.  Even here?"

She shot a confused glance at me and stopped playing with the fluff.  "Uhh...  No."  She remarked with her old English accent.

I scoffed.  "No?"

Emma nodded.  "That's right:  No."  She resumed playing with the cloud puff.  "The way I see it, that's giving Fate what it wants.  We're ghosts, Tim.  The world arbitrarily took our lives from us.  The least we can do is screw around with the world in return."

I folded my arms and glared at her.  "Hardly.  fell out a window.  You went and took your own..."

"I know what I did!"  She snapped.

For a minute, we just sat there.  Emma played with the cloud fluff while I silently watched the world from 10,000 feet up.  Some people said that looking at the earth from the sky made them realize how tiny the human existence was.  I never got that - when I observed (as I often did) from even higher, I always was amazed at how vast it was.

Emma sighed.  "Fine.  Go have your existential crisis."  She cocked her head at me, curiously.  "But first, you've gotta promise me something."

"What?"  I asked.

She floated over to me, smiling.  "First, we're going to go back down and pull off the biggest prank of all time."  Emma stretched her arms out.  "I'm talking front page huge.  We're gonna have a blast, and if you still feel insignificant afterwards, then you can go off on your own."

I smiled back.  "And where would this ill-advised masterpiece take place?"

"Where else?  The Center of the Universe:  Manhattan."

The End

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