How it all startedMature

Two ghosts create havoc by playing catastrophic games with humans. Some are practical games, some are about teaching them some lessons and others are on the level of catastrophe.
A collaboration between @toxicemu and myself ^_^



My 234 years have taught me one thing...human beings never got boring and they are easily manipulated. It took me five years of being a ghost to realize that I can spend my ghost time playing practical jokes on the living. The thing though is that, I don't need to float in front of them or move objects to do that...I can occupy someone's body.

For instance, let me tell you what happened a year ago...the year being 2013 . I was watching this couple for a week. It was a typical relationship for the year of 2013...something that is absolutely not appropriate for 1780...the year I died. So, back to the point. In this relationship, the girlfriend was thinking about everlasting love that can pass through time with her quarterback of the football team. Did I mention that she was a 17 naive blonde? So the guy, the boyfriend...being a very popular kid...never had thoughts of everlasting love. It was only you say it in slang...bang the most girls? Yap, that's it. In conclusion, I decided to play nice and teach the guy a lesson. A lesson between honey and vinegar if you know what I mean? I chose my target (a body to occupy) and went to talk to the boyfriend.

How I did it? Well I stepped into my target. My target was the recent chick on the bang list for the boyfriend (Jake). A girl of 16, blonde hair, round ass, chest size is C38...basically a dream bang. Oh, a minor detail, the girl was a virgin, with a hungry boyfriend of her own, and with fear of commitment. A mess, right? Yap, a mess of a 16. So I stepped into her body, her soul went to what I call 'sleep' and I looked out of her eyes, testing her senses. The girl needed glasses badly. When I stepped into my target, my target was at a party, fixing her make-up in the bathroom. Conveniently, Jake was at the party while my target's boyfriend was sick. Jake went looking for my this case me...current name not Emma (my real name) but Marcy. I exited the bathroom to make it easy for him. The bathroom was on the second floor and he was making his way up the stairs. Right when he was in front of me, another girl came up to both of us.

Now, the thing about that girl...was well...she was dead. Not a zombie...she was like me...a ghost was occupying her body. See, with us ghosts, we are like sisters and brothers...know when there is a kin close by. Jake looked between us, two 'hot' chicks who were looking at each other in a staring contest. I think he thought that the girls in front of him were having a quite cat fight over him. Boy, was he wrong, well he was right about the cat fight, but his reasoning was not about sex at all. If I remember right, at that moment, I asked the fellow ghost, "What are you going to do with Jake?" To which the chick answered, "Something to do with honey and vinegar." That is the moment, when Marcy smiled for me because I realized that a kindred spirit was this ghost in front of me.

That is how I met Tim, a much younger ghost but fun nonetheless. But our story is not about how me met, it is about the things that started happening a year later. In the year of 2014 in New York. 


The End

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