Chapter Three

My mother woke up first, and came out onto the balcony with her dressing gown on. I was still reading, and it was very hot in the morning, so I was probably burning.

 "Honey? What are you doing out here?" she said quietly with her eyes squinted from the sun. I shrugged.

 "Couldn't sleep." I replied simply. She nodded, taking the book away from me. I'd finished, so I didn't mind, but I did sigh and roll my blue eyes. She looked at me, daring me to back-chat. I walked back inside.

 "Try to get to sleep. It's not good for you to  stay up so late."

 "I'm not even a little bit tired!" I exclaimed. She shook her head.

 "Don't be a hero. C'mon, back inside. I resisted the urge to growl.



The End

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