Chapter One

It was a normal day. The birds were chirping and the sun was shining. I was sitting on a plastic chair outside by the pool, listening to my iPod. It was summer in England, and it was one of the rare hot days. I was wearing some swimming trunks that were soaked from swimming and next to me was a table that had my copy of Twilight and my pint of lager in a plastic cup. I was relaxing.

 I had blue eyes which were so blue they sometimes scared people. Having blue eyes sometimes helped with the girls, but not with the sun, and they were framed by long lashes. I never have bags under my eyes, and my skin is usually quite tanned in the summer. I had a well muscled body, and I worked at it every day.

 I was quite tall and had a deep voice. I had very dark hair which falls to my thick, dark eyebrows, and this came from my Irish roots. At school, I was very popular; I had a name for myself. I was probably one of the most coolest people in school. I loved my life, as did most people, though they'd never admit it.

 I was watching my family in the pool, having fun, and I was bored with the swimming pool at that time, so I decided to just sit down and relax. I wasn't tired, so I didn't try to go to sleep, instead I just sat with my beer and book, and...relaxed.

 I was seventeen, but I looked eighteen, which was how I got the beer. My family and I lived in Enfield, but we were on holiday in Devon at the time. We'd been there for three days, so we had eleven days left.



 I had no idea what was to come. Some people probably did, but no one would listen to them. They were crazy, right? Wrong.

The End

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