The Catastrophe

Be prepared. The world is coming to an end. No more living, no more eating or doing anything. Are you ready? Obviously not. Nobody was. They weren't prepared for things like this to happen. They were going about their wonderful lives when came the Catastrophe. A catastrophe that could've ended the world. But will it?


If you knew that your world was ending, what would you do? Would you confess your undying love for someone? Would you sit with your lover crying? Would you prepare yourself? You would, wouldn't you. You'd have to.

 But what if you didn't know. What if the world was perfect, and you heard on the news or something that the world is going to flood, or a comet was coming for Earth or another Ice Age was coming, and it would happen in a couple of weeks, what would you do, because it's not like the theory of the world ending in 2012; with that, you'd have years to subconsciously prepare yourself, even if you don't believe it. But two weeks.

 I didn't have much time to save myself, and I still don't know if I truly did. But I am writing this now for future preparations. This is a book to show you all what I did when I found out the world was ending...

The End

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