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Natalie knew this guy would be a tough nut to crack; he always sat by himself. Well, that just made it easier to sit beside him. Her goal was to get to the bottom of this little mystery she had made for herself, and to do that she needed to become friends with Zack. She wanted something substantial from this encounter, and she needed it before the lecturer came in. But she was at a slight loss as to where to go from here. Even before she had sat down she could see his annoyance. She had pretended not to notice, and the next time she had looked at him, he was pretending to be civil. But throughout her attempts at conversation she could see that he was uncomfortable.

Perhaps she was being far too forward. Yes, she definitely was, but she really wanted to investigate this guy. He really didn't like talking about his gloves; she could tell by the annoyance that crossed his face, and by his snide yet not unfunny remark. She knew she needed to back off a bit; although most guys liked forward girls, she could tell Zack would be the opposite. She remembered a time when she was not too different, not all that long ago. Sometimes she wondered if deep down she was still just a shy little girl. Maybe Zack was someone who would actually respond better to a more egoless person.

She needed something to get to know him; not like asking him for a cup of coffee - that was to sociable. She needed something more rational. And then the perfect excuse hit her.

"Anyway, do you want to do this maths project we have together?" She could see what he was thinking: no, I do not. I am a lone wolf. I role alone. It made her want to work with him more.

"Um, I normally work alone..." he said hesitantly.

"Exactly! You always work alone. Why not try working with someone else? Plus I really need a partner, I can't do this by myself. Pleeeaaase..." She stared deeply and longingly into his eyes. How could he refuse that?

"Don't you have friends." It was more a statement, not a question. And an incredibly harsh one, but Natalie found it funny rather than insulting, coming from Zack. She looked back towards the group of people she normally sat with.

"Nah, they all partnered up together on a lesson I missed," she lied. Actually, she already had a partner, but her best friend would understand. "But if you don't want to then I understand."

"No, okay, let's work together," he finally agreed.

Natalie smiled. She had achieved her goal. Reverse psychology always worked.

"Yay! I'll give you my number. When do you want to meet up and get started?"

"Um, I've already started," Zack said while pulling out his phone and handing it to her, "but is tomorrow after lunch okay for you?" She should have known Zack would be that kind of person.

"Yeah that's okay with me." The lecturer walked in just as she said it.

The End

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