"Finally." Natalie thought to herself. "Home". At last she had finished her project she had been doing all day. The doors to the science library opened at her approach, letting in a wave of cold evening air. She shivered, did up her coat, and began to walk across the car park. It was just starting to get dark; she should have started to head home a little earlier. There was only one figure walking ahead of her; apart from that the university was pretty much deserted. Somewhere, a cat meowed. The figure suddenly stopped and turned around. Some part of her wondered if she was being silly, but for some reason she instinctively hid behind a car. Slowly, she peered out from her hiding place.

It was still a relatively light twilight, so she could see the person's face. In fact, she kind of knew the guy. He was in her maths class. Zack? Was that his name? Truth be told she had a small crush on the guy; he was cute, though he seemed really quiet. She thought about getting back up, but then he would see her, and then she would probably have to say hi to him, and it would all be awkward. So she stayed hidden.

She saw Zack look around, before kneeling down to the ground. He made a meowing sound, and the cat she heard earlier came trotting over. It was the cutest thing she had seen all day- she loved animals, and she had never seen a cat in the university before; it must have been lost. He took a glove off his hand. It suddenly occurred to her that he was always wearing gloves. Even in the summer she had never seen his hands. Maybe he had some kind of burn scars or something, though she couldn't see anything wrong with his hands as he began patting the cat. Then, he picked it up in his arms and began carrying it in a slightly different direction to where he had been going. What was he doing with this cat?! Her mind leaped to horrible conclusions, but Zack really didn't look like a nasty person. She decided to follow him; it was still pretty light.

She hung back a bit, but for quarter of an hour she followed him until he came to a stop outside a house. He put the cat on the ground, patted it, and took a few steps back. The cat began to walk up to the house, then turned around, meowed as if in thanks, and disappeared into the property. Zack continued walking up the street.

When he was out of sight, Natalie stood up and walked over to the house. She was surprised to recognise it; one of her friend's friends lived here. Kate was her name, and Natalie had been to her flat warming. She suddenly recalled a conversation she had had with her a week earlier about how their flat had just got a cat. Natalie had been so jealous because her landlord didn't allow pets. She didn't actually know the girl who lived her well enough to knock on her door uninvited, and it was getting dark, so she decided to start running home. As she was running, she pulled out her phone, wondering if she had Kate's number. She didn't, but she knew she had added her on Facebook.

The investigation started as soon as she got home. Natalie went straight to her computer, and was excited to see that she was online. Natalie made a little small talk, before asking the question.

"Hey funny question but do you or your flatmates know a guy named Zack? Cute, kind of tall, short dark hair?"

"Nah, none of us know anyone called Zack. How come?"

"Ok never mind. Your cat ok?"

"Yeah he went missing a couple of days ago, but he just came back :) looking hungry so we're just about to feed him."

There was still a lot more investigating to be done, Natalie thought to herself.

The End

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