The breakfast


The sun came up from behind the mountains in the distance. The glorious glow of the sun carved it’s way into the room. Creeping up onto the bed from the crimson floor and finally into the eyes of Luke.


“Hm. Is it worth it to open my eyes. If I have to wake up that means that I have to get out of bed.” Luke thought as he shuffled. This had to be the most comfortable bed he had ever been in. As if it had been handcrafted by a genius thread master. Each layer of the mattress beckoned him to sleep, however the light from the sun forced him out of bed. He looked to his side and was surprised to see the bed empty.


“Ugh where is that girl?” Luke muttered as he stretched. After brushing his teeth and taking a shower, (which smelled like fruit for some reason) Luke left the room. After closing the door with a quiet bang he noticed a note on the door.


“Went down to the dinning hall to eat. See you there.” The note read.


Luke wandered to the stairs where he saw a man clothed in purple walking down.

“Um hello? Can you tell me the way to the dinning hall?” Luke asked in his thick German accent.


The man turned to him to reveal his face. It was also a pure, unblemished white skinned face. His eyes were A strange purple color as was his long, strait, hair that went down to his hips. He wore a purple tuxedo fashioned coat with a white under shirt that was dubbed with a double neckerchief. Everything About this man screamed rich powerful and noble.


“Ah yes. I was heading there myself. Would you like to accompany me to the dinning hall?” The man asked an a small English accent.


“Ah yah, sure. My name is Luke what is yours?” Luke asked.


“My name? Hm. My name is Eluster. It means Lust. What does Luke mean?” Eluster asked.


“Um it doesn’t mean anything.” Luke said.


“Well that is strange. Why would your mother give you a name that doesn’t mean anything?” Eluster said as they walked down the stairs.


After several agonizing minuets of silence the two found themselves in front of a Large door. Eluster opened the door to reveal a massive room covered in long tables at which were set large comfortable looking chairs that were adorned with many jewels. In the middle of the giant room was a large table at which sat Vanessa, Dan, and one other person. He wore a Bright red vest with orange shoulder pads, and black trimming. All in all he could have passed it off as a military uniform. His orange hair drew attention than his orange eyes. He was talking to Vanessa without looking away from his food, which by the way covered the entire table.


“Is everyone here a freak with strange hair?” Luke muttered beneath his breath.


Luke caught Vanessa’s eye and she waved him over to the table. Luke grudgingly took a seat at it as did Eluster. The food smelled better than anything Luke had ever smelled and his stomach confirmed so when it grumbled annoyingly loud.


Luke was excruciatingly hungry but he didn’t want to start eating if it would cost an massive amount of money. Luke turned to Dan and asked, “Um Dan. Is this covered by our payment for our stay.”


“Of course. All of this food is complimentary. Now please eat before Matok here eats All of the food.” Dan said pointing to the man in red before he pulled a rather large plate of steak towards himself and began to feast.


“Oh come on Luke it is all complimentary. And I promise that it is the best food you have ever had.” Vanessa said as she plucked an apple from a nearby dish and happily chomped into it.


Luke looked around the table at the people happily eating with smiles on their faces before he pulled up a bowl of soup and dove the spoon into it. the soup was a golden yellow and a little see through. It reminded Luke of broth. Luke brought the spoon to his mouth and sipped the soup into his mouth quietly. The taste of herbs exploded inside of his mouth. Luke slowly let the soup river down his throat leaving a faint lemony aftertaste. Luke was shocked at the power of the soup. It warmed up his entire being. He then quickly proceeded to help himself to the rest of the soup.


“So Luke, mm yum, Vanessa her tells me, smack chomp, that you guys are going to a wedding. And that you plan to drink the groom under the table.” Matok said between mouthfuls of the large cooked pig in front of him.


“Ah yes I do plan to drink him under the table. But only if he will let me.” Luke said proudly. Luke himself took pride in being very resistant to the affects of alcohol. He could consume such levels of alcohol that it would kill normal people from food poisoning but Luke had a VERY good liver and a very fast metabolism. He was very proud of his ability to drink everyone he met under the table without feeling so much as a buzz. And most of all he took pride in his flawless record of wins. He was at fifty seven.


“Well would you like a bit of a contest here and now?” Matok asked.


Luke was surprised. He had been challenged to a drinking contest. This was definitely a first. “What are the rules?” Luke asked with a smile on his face.


“Heh. Finally a challenge. The rules are different from what you are used to. I would warn you though I have never lost at this game.” Matok laughed.


“This is a new game for me so I’m sure this won’t affect my record.” Luke half asked.


“Of course it wont. Just think of it as practice for the wedding.” Matok smiled.


Dan chuckled to himself while Eluster looked at Matok in disgust and helped himself to a small cake that was dubbed with strawberries. Vanessa laughed and grabbed a salad. Matok stood up and beckoned Luke over to a table that was covered in flagons.


“Choose a number any number.” Matok said.


“Five.” Luke shrugged.


“Very well five. Normally people choose a higher number but I’m sure this will still be fun.” Matok said as he pushed away all but ten of the giant flagons. “I Believe the tradition is Beer?” Matok asked before sitting down in front of five of the enormous cups. “But still. Be careful this is pretty powerful stuff.”


“Beer. Ha I’ve done worse with moonshine.” Luke laughed as he sat down in front of the other five flagons.


“Ok the rules are. The first one to drink all of the beer first wins.” Matok said checking his watch.


Luke grabbed his first flagon and held on to it with a tight grip. Waiting for the Start.


“And GO!” Dan yelled.


Luke shoved the flagon to his mouth and began chugging the beer down. It tasted slightly like honey but otherwise it was the same as beer. Luke finished his flagon first and went on to the next one. Matok finished his soon after and started on his second. Luke almost choked on his beer when Matok finished his second first. Luke finished his second and downed his third. Grabbed his fourth by the time Matok finished his second and wen on to his third. The two people finished their drinks at the same time. Matock had two left while Luke had one.


“It seems like I won.” Luke smiled.


Matok looked at Luke with a twinge of anger before grabbing both flagons in his hands and pulling his head all the way back and opening his mouth. He tipped the flagons back and poured the beer into his stomach. He never swallowed, closed his mouth, or even tasted the beer. The drink flowed straight from the cup, down his throat and directly into his stomach. Luke coughed up his drink as soon as he realized what was going on. It was Matok’s win.


“You did good but I have perfected my own technique over many years.” Matok said patting Luke on the shoulder. Luke looked a bit angry but gladly accepted the comforting gesture. Matok sat down at the head of the table everyone was already sitting at and pushed away the remnants of the whole pig he had eaten and pulled up a large dish of steak. Luke looked at him surprised that someone could possibly eat so much and still be skinny.


“Well that was a great dinner however I am quite finished with my food an I have been put out of my appetite. I’m going to travel to the garden.” Eluster said. “Would Vanessa like to accompany me?” Eluster finished as he dabbed the sides of his mouth with his napkin.


“Oh I would very much like to do so.” Vanessa said getting up and following Eluster out of a door.


“Ah it has begun.” Dan said finishing a cake.


“Hehe I wonder if it will be as fun as the last one?” Matok chuckled as he finished the steak and grabbed a massive three layer cake.


“What?” Luke asked.

“Nothing you need to know.” Dan smiled.

The End

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