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After driving through a storm a couple find themselves walking into a castle looking for refuge. The people are nice, there is plenty of good food, but there is something wrong with the Castle and it's "Too good to be true" Residents. Will the couple survive their stay? Or will they succumb to the castle of pleasure?

Ps this storie is an actual translation from the play by Henry Vatts. the original play is in Swedish and it takes a while to translate.

{(--The Castle of Pleasure--)}

By Galactic Nebula



It was a stormy night. And Vanessa was very tired. Her boyfriend Luke was already asleep in the passengers seat next to her, holding the map.

“Moron. He should be the one driving and I should be sleeping.” She happily chuckled. They got up very early in the morning and got into the vehicle. It was about three in the morning once they pushed off to His cousins wedding. He had begged her to go along with him and she replied with a yes after teasing him for several day by saying that she would “Think about it.” Soon after they were driving across Europe to Russia where the wedding was being held.

They had drove into a storm and though she did enjoy rain, this was ridiculous. It shouldn’t rain like this anywhere. She stopped the car after driving to the side of the dirt road, and grabbed the map very carefully so as to not wake up Luke. She looked over it. as she traced her finger across the map following their trip so far.

“Lets see. I passed the forty eighth, turned right on the forty ninth, And…” Vanessa stopped her finger over a small landmark on the map. Several miles in front of where they should be was a castle dubbed, “Lotus Castle.” Vanessa pulled back onto the rode and drove at a slow pace looking around for the castle. But with all of the rain and lack of sunlight barely anything was visible.

Suddenly Vanessa was startled by the loud boom of Lightning. Luke jumped out of his slumber in an almost panicked state.

“What. What was that?” Luke asked in his comically Thick German accent.

Another crack of lightning light up the area revealing A Very unsettling sight for the couple. Though a brief glimpse they were driving next to what appeared to be a giant grave yard. The sight of millions of crosses became scared inside of Vanessa’s brain.

“Well that was fairly unsettling.” Luke said as he wiped the sleep from his eyes.

“Lets just get to Lotus Castle and see if we can stay the night.” Vanessa said peeping her eyes out for turns in the road or signs.

Another crack of lightning revealed what appeared to be a enormous castle the seemed that it was built in the dark ages.

“There it is!” Vanessa shouted and began to drive faster.

“Wait we are going to stay in a medieval castle? I thought we were going to the wedding? And what about.” Luke tried to talk but Vanessa cut him off.

“Listen Luke. I’m tired, you are tired, it is raining so hard one could mistake this for a flash flood, and I am not going to sleep in some car when there is a castle waiting for us not even a mile away.” Vanessa replied. As she found the turn in the road that she was looking for. They drove forward several seconds before they saw a faint light.

“Oh good there are people here to.” Vanessa smiled as they drove up to a person wearing a black cloak with a hoody that went over the head and covered the face. holding a lantern. After walking up to the car the person swung the lantern from side to side and made a “follow me” motion. He walked in a quick pace but slow enough for the car to slowly follow him.

Soon they came up to a giant door. The figure fished two umbrellas out of a basket next to it and ran over to the car. Vanessa opened up her door and was greeted by an umbrella being handed to her. It was Purple with red stripes and fuzzy balls hanging of the sides. Vanessa opened it and admired the beauty and craftsmanship that was put into making it. Once Luke crawled out of the car he was greeted with a red umbrella decorated with black tattoos that twisted and curved in unusual ways.

“Thank you.” Vanessa said.

“We should not be out here for long, one could catch a cold.” The figure said in a deepish voice that seemed to have layers of authority. He picked the lantern back up and guided the couple to the doors. The man pushed open the doors that opened with a loud creak. The three figures walked into the castle. It was pitch black inside. Soon the darkness was shattered by a torch that the man was now holding. The torch gave off a warm, mesmerizing, comfortable, glow that illuminated the entire room. The stranger took of the cloak to reveal a handsome, untainted, unblemished face that sported blue eyes, sparkling white teeth, red lips, well trimmed eyelashes, no facial hair, and a strangely beautiful, well kept, Dark blue head of hair. He seemed to emanate a proud aura. And he had an arrogant air about him

The man looked at Vanessa and Luke with a smile that sent chills down Luke’s back.

“Welcome to Lotus castle. Is there anything I can do for you?” The Man asked as he held out his hands in a welcoming manner.

“Yes please. Do you have a room for two at a moderate price?” Vanessa asked.

“Just let me see.” The handsome stranger said as he walked over to a long table on which sat a large book. The Man opened the book and flipped through the pages before he found an empty one.

“Ah yes we have one here that should do just fine. What is your price range?” He asked.

“Um we have a couple of hundreds. Will that work?” Luke asked as he yawned.

“Ok. A king sized bedroom with two restrooms, showers with hot running water, and a full course of food tomorrow. That will be seventy five Dollars.” The man said as he picked up a quill pen and began writing in the book after dipping it with ink.

“Seventy five big ones! For all of that? Sir is there something else that you haven’t told us? Like an extra fee for the water we use, or the maid service will clean us out.” Luke said in suspicion.

“Sir please keep it down. We do not have many visitors but the few that we do have, like the peace and quiet. And I can assure you that there will be no additional fees. The water here is fresh from a hot spring, and the maid service will not clean you out. And if you are still suspicious you can cancel the maid service all together.” The man said in a hushing whisper.

“We will take it.” Vanessa replied, eyeing Luke with a glare of anger.

“Very well. Follow me.” The stranger said as he lit a candle on the torch that was now perched up on the wall.

The couple followed the man up a several flights of stairs. Soon they entered an long hallway that was paved with a gorgeous red carpet and intricate golden designs on the Dark purple walls. The man stopped at the door with the numbers, “4452”, and pulled out a set of keys on a large ring. There must have been hundreds of keys on that ring but the man expertly pulled out one key without even giving the others so much as a second glance, pushed the key into the lock, turned it, and the door opened to reveal a beautiful room. It was Massive, one could easily fit ten king sized beds inside and still have enough room to put a bar, and a dance floor. The floor was a dark red hue that complimented the golden bed casting. The mattresses were a bright blue and white, as were the pillows and blankets. The roof was made out of stone and gave off a homely vibe.

“This is your room. If you have any complications or complaints just call for me.” The man said before unlinking the key and giving it to Luke.

“And if we do have any complaints what is your name?” Vanessa asked as she looked him up dreamily.

“My name is Dan. And yes. That is my full name. It means Judge.” Dan replied before he handed Vanessa the candle and walked away, enveloped into the darkness.

“I’m so tired.” Luke yawned.

“I am to.” Vanessa said as she crawled into the bed soon to be followed by Luke.

“I’m so glad that it was so easy to check in.” Vanessa said before dozing off to sleep.

“Don’t be to sure that it will be easy to leave. Seventy fife dollars. HA it’s a scam.” Luke said suspisiosly.

The End

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