The Castle

  You awake in a darkened room. The floor feels of stone and the air is damp and cold. You hear water dripping somewhere and it echoes in the halls. You try to adjust your eyes but to no avail. Braving the dark you sit up and feel a stabbing pain in your ribs. Getting to your feet you feel a greater pain in your leg and are toppled to the floor. You are sure it is broken. You wipe your nose, your not sure if its running from the cold or from the same reason your ribs and legs hurt.

   You check your pockets for any useful tools. You find a hole in your pocket and the material does not seem to be of any you would comfortably and of your own volition, wear. Your hands feel dirty from the stone floor. You start to move around the room with your hands spread infront of you searching for the walls, when you hear footsteps.

The End

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