Oliver shifted uncomfortably in his chair. "I said," he began with a deep breath. "Who's next?" he asked again, as calmly as he could manage.

When no one came out, Oliver got very angry. He stood up and yelled, "NEXT!!"

Suddenly, a beautiful woman walked onto the stage. She strode gracefully to the front of the stage and smiled sweetly.

Oliver's mouth dropped, and Tara immediately punched him in the arm.

The woman's hair was long and almost wrapped around her perfect legs. Her hair was perfect too. It was black but with a tint of brown. Not to mention her face. It was smooth and perfect. Her breasts were larger than usual, and Oliver couldn't seem to keep his eyes off of them.

Tara, noticing this, gave him another punch in the arm.

Oliver shook it off and then nodded. "Hello. Please state your name, and tell us what it is you'll be doing."

The woman licked her lips. "My name is Lois."

Oliver wiped away the drool on his lips. "Nice to meet you, and what will you be doing for us today?"

Lois put her hand on her hips. "I'm going to blow you away..."

Oliver and Tara exchanged looks. "Okay?"

Lois put her hands on her shirt and pulled it off, to reveal nothing but more skin and a bra. She put her hands on her pants and began to push them down, revealing more of her legs, and a thong.

Oliver's eyes widened and Tara's mouth grew bigger. "What on earth are you doing?!" Tara screamed into the mic.

Lois raised an eyebrow. "I'm...stripping?"

"WHY?!" Tara yelled angrily.

Oliver couldn't speak.

"Well, most people like it when I-"

"GET OFF THE STAGE YOU LITTLE SLUT!!" Tara screamed in fury.

Oliver's eyes attempted to shift to Tara, but remained on Lois.

Lois rolled her eyes and walked off stage.

Oliver's eyes followed her until she went out of sight. His eyes then shifted to Tara, who was staring at him with a very angry expression.

"You forgot to say please." he said with a chuckle. She then punched him in the arm, very hard, and Oliver yelped. "OW! Stop that!" he exclaimed, grabbing his shoulder.

Tara took a deep breath and then returned to her upbeat mood.

Oliver sighed and then leaned forward. "Next."

The End

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