The Case of the Robbery and the Missing Sword

Time of robbery:7pm.
Arrival of CID:7:15pm.
Crime Scene Investigation:7:15pm- 12 am.
The only door for entry and exit sealed:12 am.
Arrival of CID in the morning:8am.
Everything intact inside the museum,except for a missing sword which was present the other day.


The crime scene was intact, except for a missing sword. The Crime Investigation Department (CID) was sure there was no other exit other than the main one. And the main door was sealed.

Where did the sword go and from where in spite of the 24*7 CCTV installed at the entrance of the main door? The footage of the whole night was looked over again to see any movements. But there was none.

Everyone was perplexed by the irony. The museum had been robbed of the sword. The theft had occurred at 7pm. The CID was at the scene at 7:15pm.It carried out the investigation till 12am. And now at 8am in the morning when CID arrived at the museum again, everything was intact except for the missing sword.

Did the CID missout something last night?

All the 5 members searched for the entire museum again.

The End

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