The Case Of The Evil Librarian



Chapter 1: Library Class


‘Screech.’ The big yellow bus pulled up to Tommy Hayers big blue house Monday morning. He quickly stuck a small navy blue hat on his dark brown hair and pulled a tee shirt over his body. He glanced for only a second at his birth mark, which lay on his right shoulder. It was really strange looking, and his friends always said it meant he was cursed. His mother, Elaine, yelled to him upstairs in his room “Come on Tom, the bus is here!”


Tom rushed downstairs through the kitchen where his mother was cooking scrambled eggs. He kissed her cheek and then leaned towards his father who was reading the paper and hugged him.


“BYE! See you after school.” Tommy yelled as he rushed out the door after grabbing his backpack and pulling on his shoes.


As he jumped onto the bus, he searched the seats until he found his best friend Matt. He sat beside him and smiled. “Hey Matt! Did you study for our big science test today?”


“Yup!” Matt nodded his head and winked.


Tom always enjoyed Matt’s English accent.  It was just different from his own in a funny way that made him smile. The bus slowly pulled up to the school doors and it was soon emptied into the halls of the School. It was a junior high school with about 200 kids in it.


Tom and Matt were both in Grade eight and both thirteen.


As the two boys set their books in their lockers the bell rang and they rushed to their classroom. Tom sat behind the most popular girl in school. Her name was Kate and she had bright blond hair and deep blue eyes. Dreamy.


Tom was interrupted from his romantic thoughts when Matt said, “Hey, Tom, forget it, she is to cool to even look at us.” Tom threw his pen at Matt and laughed.


“Well it’s worth a try.” Tom searched through his backpack, which sat under his desk, and a worried look crossed his face as he looked at Matt.


“Matt… I forgot my library books and you know how mean Mrs.Crandle is. I wish she wasn’t the librarian. What am I going to do?” Tom urged Matt for an answer and he began to look nervous.


“Okay Tom, don’t panic. Why don’t you just call your mom or dad to bring it to school?” Matt tried to calm Tom down by instructing him to breathe deeply.


“They aren’t home! What am I going to do?” Tommy whined, as the teacher began their math class.


They both knew that Tom was in big trouble. There wasn’t much to do but to wait and see what was to come. But little did they know what kind of person Mrs. Crandle truly was.


          After class at the sound of the bell, the two friends lifted their books from their hard wooden desks and headed towards the door. “What’ll I do Matt?” Tom asked with frustration.


          “Okay Tommy, Library isn’t until last period.” He paused and a grin crosses his face and then he continued, “Tom? If your library book isn’t due yet then we are okay… Right?”


          Matt searched Tom’s face for a smile but Tom sighed, “But they are due Matt! What is going to happen, huh? The last kid, Jimmy was his name? Well he had an over due book and he was never seen again!”


Matt laughed as he looked at his tall and strong friend and then stopped when he noticed that Tom didn’t join him, “Oh Tommy, that’s just a myth, I think that kid just moved away!”



Tom looked a bit more hopeful as they rounded a hallway and entered another classroom.


“Class, turn to page 256 in your text book and…“

Mr.Traut stopped as he watched Tom and Matt come in the room.


          “Nice of you to join us in science class today Mr. Hayers and Mr. Demot!” Mr.Traut remarked sourly.


Tom always noticed in Science class this girl, Sara, always stared at him. He could only assume she had a crush on him, which surprised him, because he wasn’t very smart, and as far as he knew, she was.


He ran his fingers through his short, curly hair, and took out his pencil.


Tom slowly started sketching a small picture. As he was adding shading to the lines, he heard Mr.Traut’s voice go harsh. “Guess you won’t need this anymore, Mr. Hayers.” Mr. Traut grabbed up the picture, crumpled it up and threw it away after looking at it momentarily.


“No.” Tommy whimpered as he half stood up, and then sat down again as Matt grabbed his shirt, pulling him down.


Anger flushed over him for a second, when Mr. Traut added, “I guess we can take these too...” and he grabbed the shading pencils off of Tommy’s desk.


Tommy stood all the way up this time, “What, are you going to throw those away too? I bet the art teacher, Mrs. Traut, wouldn’t want to hear you don’t encourage art work.”


Mr. Traut glared, “Don’t threaten me…” Mr. Traut paused and lost some of the anger in his voice, “I will keep these until the end of the class!”


Every person in the class was now staring at Tommy and Mr.Traut and as Tommy sat down many of the kids gasped and awed.


But, the downside for Tom was that Mr.Traut wasn’t the most forgiving person ever, and Tommy would soon pay. He was sure of it. Detention most likely.


There were five minutes until the period ended and Mr.Traut walked slowly back up to Tom’s desk and set the small pencils on his study book. Tommy forced a smile as Mr.Traut returned to his large brown desk in the front of the room.


Everyone sighed as the bell finally rang. The end of the day rushed near and Tom looked more scared then ever before.


“Oh Tom, calm down. What do you think she’ll do? Lock you up and keep you?” Matt laughed at this.


Tom stared at him, “Maybe…”


Matt giggled, “Oh, you worry too much. Stop over reacting. Heck. Maybe if you didn’t read, then you wouldn’t have to worry about an overdue book.” Matt teased, finding Tom had no time for humour.  



They finally entered their next class. Gym.




“Are you okay Tom?” Matt was standing over Tom who was lying on the ground holding his right arm.


“Ouch. I think I broke something....” Tom muttered back to Matt, as he groaned from the pain.


“Well, if it makes you feel better, when we go to library, what kind of a terrible old teacher…. or whatever Mrs.Crandle really is, would do something mean to a kid with a broken arm.” Matt whispered.


The gym teacher came and walked up to Tom. “You alright?”


“Ya” Tom answered as he tried to get up.


Matt stood behind him and helped him up. The teacher, Mr. Forster led him and Matt to the nurse’s office. Matt then left again to go back to gym while the school nurse cared for Tommy.


“Well Tom, you have badly bruised and sprained your left arm, but I think it will be OK. I will give you this tensor bandage, and then you can scurry off to your next class.” Tom smiled at her and winced as he hopped off of the care table, holding his arm.








Chapter 2: Overdue


Finally Tommy was ready and headed dejectedly to his last class after meeting up with Matt. It was Library.


“I hate this day! Nothing has gone right.” Tom spoke to Matt as they walked down the hall towards the Library.


As they entered the library, Sara, the girl who liked Tommy, came up to him. “What did you do?” She asked.


Tom explained and as he was about to sit down with Matt, Mrs. Crandle came to talk to Tommy. “Tommy, I see you have a book over due today. Do you have it?”


Tommy shot a glance at Matt. “Um... I forgot it at h-home, Mrs. Crandle.” Tom stuttered.


He glanced at Matt and gulped.  Mrs. Crandle motioned Tom to follow her “Right Now!”


Sara was listening, when Mrs. Crandle got Matt and Tom to follow her.   Sara walked behind them quietly.


Mrs. Crandle escorted the two boys into the backroom and she shut the door only with a small crack, enough for Sara to see through. Sara was surprised by what she heard next.


“You two boys have been very bad, especially you, Tommy. And you Matt, helping him to try and avoid ME! I am ashamed of both of you, and for that, you must be punished.”


“Punished?” The two boys said in unison.


“That’s right. What you did is VERY unacceptable and now you have to face the consequences!”  Mrs. Crandle said as she glared at both frightened boys.


“Consequences?!?!” Both boys repeated in awe as they looked at each other and swallowed hard.


Tom could feel his hands shaking violently and he could see the colour in Matt’s face go as white as a ghost. And he realized that his face was likely just as pale.



As Sara watched, her eyes were locked on one person. Tom. A million questions and thoughts raced through her mind as she saw the next terrible things unfold.


Mrs. Crandle stood from her spot and pointed to the door and then looked at the boys. “Come Tom, I would like to speak to you, alone. Matt, you may return to your library class with the rest of your students. And don’t even think about interrupting Tom and I in our discussion. We will be talking about what happens to people when they are disobedient!” Mrs.Crandle spoke slyly, as she shot a glare at Tom.


Tom’s eyes were pleading with Matt not to leave. As Matt walked out he over heard something said by Mrs. Crandle. “Now what should we do with you…”


Matt was so scared for Tom, that he didn’t even see Sara standing by the door and nearly knocked her over completely.


“Matt, Oh, thank goodness you’re alright…” Sara said as she gasped for air almost like she had just run a marathon.


          “Matt… What is she going to do with Tom?” Sara cried out, almost loud enough for Mrs. Crandle to hear in the other room.


“I don’t know Sara, I really, don’t, know…”


          Matt and Sara refocused their attention on the door. As they peered through, they almost hit their heads against the door, when Mrs. Crandle smacked her hand to the desk. Tommy almost jumped out of the chair; his eyes open wide in fright.


          Sara held her breath, so that she would not scream. She grabbed Matt’s hand in fear and had a worried look on her face.


          Matt tightened his grasp on her hand, his palms sweating.


          Suddenly Mrs. Crandle walked around her desk and grabbed Tommy by his bad arm. He cringed in pain and yelped helplessly.


          Matt almost burst into the room, but Sara held him back, still with the firm grip on his hand.


          They could hear Mrs. Crandle murmuring something to Tom. Then she led him to the filing cabinet. Then they heard something uttered by Mrs. Crandle, “Stay here for a second.”


          Tom started to back up as Mrs. Crandle turned to the filing cabinet. It looked like she was going to move it.


          Tommy continued to move backwards until he hit his bad arm on the desk and cried out. Mrs. Crandle turned towards him and scowled. Tom noticed that she had succeeded in moving the cabinet, and behind it was a small wooden door.


          She pushed him on the back towards the door. “Get in!” she hissed.


          Poor Tom felt like he was going to faint. He slowly bent down and went in. He turned back around quickly about to say something, when the door was shut in his face.


          Matt and Sara let go of each other’s hand and almost fainted themselves. Had what they just saw really happened? If it did, Tom wasn’t so crazy after all about the things he said about Mrs. Crandle.

          Tom couldn’t see anything. Wherever he was, it was pitch black. “Hello?” His voice cracked.

“What is this place?” He whispered to himself.


          He sat down on the ground, which was cement. The only light there was, was from the small cracks of the door. He dug his fingernails into the cracks and pulled. Nothing happened. He tried pushing with all his might, but still, nothing happened.


          Then he stood up again and started banging on the door with his hands and feet, yelling for help.


          He continued fiercely thumping against the door. After a few minutes he grew tired, and sat back down. He cursed under his breath.


          An hour passed and Tommy was growing impatient. What was happening? Would he ever escape? School was over now.


          He got up onto his knees and slowly crawled, brushing his hands along the surface of the cold, concrete floor. He hit a wall and kept on going, until his hand slipped down, and there was stairs.


          Tom started crawling down them bit by bit, very carefully, as to not slip and fall. The steps declined gradually, and as Tom got farther down, he could smell something. It was musty and stale. It reminded him of something else. Matt’s gym socks after a long day of running, he grimaced.


          He had to stop then and take a break. His arm was beginning to get very sore, and the fact that Mrs. Crandle grabbed it aggravated the ache.  


          Only then was he reminded of his hunger. Tommy’s stomach rumbled from within, and he tried not to think about it. It just made him more hungry, but the thought of a sweet, juicy piece of pizza. Or a nice, filling corn dog. “Heck,” He spoke to himself, “I would even eat some of my mom’s nasty tofu!”


          “Then again,” he thought, “Maybe not.”


          He scowled and felt his stomach churning. If he didn’t eat soon, he was sure he would die.


















Chapter 3: Rescue Mission


          “Okay. So what do we do first Matt?” Sara asked as she sat down on his bed.


          Matt scanned his room, walking around as if looking for Tommy in his pile of CD’s.


          “Well… First, we need to find out how to get in and out without being seen.” Matt hesitated, “Which won’t be easy, considering we don’t have a key to get in!” He sighed, and returned his eyes back to her.


          “Perhaps we do…” Sara looked at him mysteriously.


          “What do you mean?” Matt looked at her, confused.


          “Well..” Sara stopped.


          “Well, what?” Matt said impatiently.


          “There is a chance we could get one. My mom is on parent council, and she has a key of the school. She mostly uses it for opening up for meetings and stuff.”


          “Perfect!” Matt smiled, deviously.


          Sara smiled crookedly, and got up heading for the door. She stopped with her hand on the door knob, facing the door. “Maybe.”


          She opened the door, and Matt followed her out. They headed down the stairs and headed for the front door. But before they could open it, Matt’s mother called from the other room, “Matt dear, what are you doing?”


          Matt closed his eyes tightly, and his lips creased into solid lines. “Nothing Mom,” He lied.


          “Matthew Barthol Demot!” His mother yelled angrily.


          “Yes Mom?” Matt called.

          “Is your room clean?” she shouted.


          Matt answered softly, “Yes Mom.”


          “Okay dear,” She sang out and returned to making racket in the other room.


          Matt rolled his eyes as he quickly headed into the kitchen to grab some snacks for him and Sara. Then they grabbed a back pack and filled it with other things, like flashlights, as directed by Sara. ‘You never know what we will need.’ She had said.


          Finally they walked through the door and started towards Sara’s house to retrieve the key.


          Once they were out in the sun, Sara looked at him and giggled, “Your middle name is Barthol?”


          He shot her an angry glare, and then stared straight ahead, ignoring her comment.  He slung the pack over his shoulder as he tried to make small talk.


          “So…” Matt whistled.


          “So what?” Sara questioned.


          Matt couldn’t think of anything to say, so stopped talking, and directed his attention on getting to Sara’s house. A few minutes later he tried to break the awkward silence, which was a mistake on his part.


          “I hear you like Tommy!” He burst out.


          “You know,” Sara glared at him, “Guys are SO insensitive. What? You’ve NEVER had a crush on ANYONE? Oh, please. Don’t give me that Matt!” She started speaking much louder then she should have been, and other people on the sidewalk glanced at her, and gave her weird looks.


          “I didn’t mean—“ Matt slowed his speech.


          “Whatever, Matt.” Sara shook her head, and walked ahead of him, and onto her front steps.

          They easily got the school keys, because Sara’s mom left them on the kitchen counter. So now it was off to the school.








Chapter 4: Hidden Door


          “Shh…” Sara frowned at Matt, though it was too dark in the library to be noticed.


          “Sorry!” Matt whispered as he thumped against the carpet, on his knees.


          They kept on crawling until they could be sure the coast was clear.


          “OUCH! That was my HEAD!” Matt crackled as he rubbed the top of his head.


          “Yes, Matt. That would be where the counter is.” Sara spoke sarcastically.


          “Can we at least turn our flashlights on?” Matt complained, “No one is in the school!”


          Sara scowled at him, and then gave in, “Fine.”


          ‘Click’ both flashlights turned on in unison.


          “There. Over there. That’s the cabinet that she moved. The door should be somewhere behind that.” Matt whispered, excitedly.


          “Do you need help moving it?” Sara spoke in a cool and composed voice. She tried to keep it even, so she couldn’t show that she was frightened. After all, what might they be getting themselves into? Only she could know.


          “Oh please,” Matt tried to look tough, “If an old lady can do it, so can I!” He got to his feet and approached the cabinet.


          Sara nodded her head and rolled her eyes.



          “There!” Matt grunted, and regained his balance as he stood away from the cabinet.


          There, behind the cabinet, stood the small trap door. Just as they had seen it just hours before.


          “Push!” Matt yelled, “Push!”


          “Almost- there…” He groaned.


          “I don’t think we are any closer to getting in Matt!” Sara criticized.


          Matt looked at her, insistently. “Come on, It’s for Tom!”


          Sara stuck out her tongue. Matt turned back to the door and started pushing on it again. Then Sara spotted something on Mrs. Crandle’s desk. She flashed the light onto it and spotted keys. Then she turned the flash light back onto the door. There was a key hole. Great!


          “Matt,” She pushed him over, keys in hand, “Get out of the way.”


          Matt moved aside and Sara tried the first key. Nope.

Second Key. Nope.

Third Key. Nope

She started getting frustrated, “There is like fifty keys on this ring!”

“Tommy!” Matt sang out.

She glared at him as he held the flashlight at the keys.

Fourth Key. Nope.

Finally on the fifth key, it stuck in and ‘clack’, the door was opened. A small breeze blew out, and it stunk.


          “Wow... That smells like my gym socks before my mom washes them!”


          “Ew!” Sara looked at him in disgust.


          “What?” Matt asked, innocently.


          She looked angrily at him, “You disgust me!”


          “Can we go?” Matt glowered back at her.


          Sara nodded her head and went in first, with Matt right behind her. She stepped onto the cement, and could hear Matt’s heavy feet brushing against the hard ground.  


          She shone her light around the place. They both expected it to be small, but this place was large. There were long steps leading far below, so far that they could not see the end of them, because they curved around underneath the platform they stood on.


          “What is this place?” Matt gasped.


          Sara shook her head and shrugged her shoulders, “I have no idea!”


          Then, all of a sudden, there was a thumping sound coming from the hidden door. Sara and Matt turned around swiftly. Sara shut off her light, and Matt did the same. But there was a new light. Someone was in the library. They heard a ‘flick’ and another room light turned on in the other area.


          A face gazed inside. It was Mrs. Crandle. Matt and Sara both looked stunned and their faces turn a pale, pastel white.


          “What do we have here?” Mrs. Crandle snickered cruelly.


          “Trying to free Tommy, I see.” Her face went serious, “Good luck with that.”


          “He has probably already run into them. And no one survives that!” She was about to shut the door, Matt jumped forward.


“You can’t do this!” He screamed, helplessly.


          She gave him an evil look, “Oh, yes I can!”

Mrs. Crandle cackled as she shut the door hard. ‘BANG!’








Chapter 5: Stairs


“Stop drinking the water. We only have so much, and who knows how long we will be down here for!” Sara got after Matt as he once again took a big swig from his bottle.


Matt shot her a dirty look as he placed the bottle back in the pack. Sara, of course, did not see it, since it was pitch black. They kept their flashlights turned off for now to save the battery.


“Alright, let’s go.” Matt stood up after picking up the backpack and zipping it together.


‘Snap.’ Matt had already turned on his flashlight. The light illuminated the dark shadows of the place.


“Ouch! Could you at least give me a warning before turning that thing on? It’s bright!” Sara sat up, elbowing Matt in the side.


He grunted and turned at her for a second, and then turned the light around to face the stairs.


“Down we go then I guess,” Matt sighed.


          “Down we go.” Sara agreed.



          “I’m beat. I say we have a break. I never did like taking the stairs. Always was more of an elevator person.” Matt sighed, deeply showing his English accent.


“But we can’t stop now!” Sara insisted, “We haven’t even found Tom yet!”


          “Yes, but personally, I’m not in any shape for saving him either.” Matt complained.


          “Try being Tommy. He has a bad arm and is in no condition to be crawling down stairs blindly to who knows where!” Sara panted.


          “Alright, alright already. Come on then.” Matt moaned.


          Sara shook her head and they turned forward again heading down the deep staircase.



          The smell was even worse now, and the air was thick. They were obviously very far down underground. Matthew and Sara had been walking down the stairs slowly for about half an hour. The water was running low and both were starting to get hungrier.


          “Can’t we have some of the food we packed?” Matt asked.


          “No, not yet. You think you’re hungry. Poor Tommy hasn’t eaten one thing since this afternoon before…” Sara stopped. Shivers went through her body.





Chapter 6: New News


          Tommy sat down on the last step as he tried to recover his breath. His mouth was dry and his stomach was growling out of control, not to mention his arm, which was throbbing with pain.


          He closed his eyes, trying to imagine what his parents were doing right now, worrying for him. And Matt. What was Matt doing? The last he saw of Matt was when he left the room, where Mrs. Crandle took Tom and threw him into this- this place.  


          Obviously Matt would notice his absence. They always walked home together after school, and sat together on the bus every morning.


          Tom had lost track of time. He couldn’t tell if it was five o’ clock, or nine. But then he remembered something. His watch. He lifted the clock towards his face and pressed his finger nail into the side where a button was. A green light coloured the digits on the watch, and Tommy looked at it carefully.


          “Six-fifteen. No wonder I’m so hungry, its supper time!” Tom sighed and let go of the watch, and it was dark again.


          Suddenly, Tom heard voices. Someone was speaking. There were two voices, the one sounding like a young boy, about the same age as him. And the other was a woman. An old, wicked woman. Mrs. Crandle.


          He listened cautiously to what they were saying to each other. The conversation started with Mrs. Crandle speaking to the boy. Tom couldn’t see anyone or anything, but the voices were carrying themselves over to him.


          “Has it really been three long years Jimmy?” Mrs. Crandle laughed.


          The boy was quiet for a second, and then spoke. “Why not just kill me and get it over with. Why make me suffer hear for so long. You’ve taken everything away from me, and why?”


          “You know very well what I want! Don’t play stupid with me boy!” Mrs. Crandle started to shout.


          “Ya, well, it’s pointless. I don’t have what you want. I don’t know who the other two are.” The young man said softly.


          “So is that the way you want it then, is it?” Mrs. Crandle questioned him rhetorically. “Then shall I prolong your suffering even longer? It’s just going to get worse from here if you don’t tell me who the one is!”


          Then there was light sobbing coming from the boy. “Why?” He could hardly manage a whisper.


          “I want power. And I want rid of those foul mortals!” She said as if it was completely obvious to the most stupid of people.


          “I WILL NEVER REVEAL THEM! I CAN’T. I WON’T!” The boy cried out. “I will NOT let the world suffer for the mistakes I made. Starting with getting caught by you!”


          “Yes, well it won’t be too long now that I have him.” She hissed. “This other boy would give his own mother just to live! If you don’t give tell me, then he will!”


          “No—He doesn’t even know who it is” The boy was stopped short as he shook his head vigorously. “NO!” He yelled even louder this time.


          He banged his hands against the bars on the cage and he held them and tried to rattle them free. Finally he grew tired and sunk to the floor while leaning against the wall, weeping.




          Tommy gasped and quickly stood up. Could it be him they were talking about? What was it that he had to tell her that the other boyJimmy—he shuddered, also possessed in his knowledge?


          He rapidly turned around, ignoring his hunger, thirst and the pain shooting through his arm, and started to scramble up the stairs as quietly as he could, but managed none of this. He was about ten stairs up already, and then he tripped on a loose rock. He stumbled down the stairs, loud enough for Mrs.Crandle to hear, and knocked his head against the cement floor.


          Suddenly his mind went blank and his eyes closed as he fell into unconsciousness.


          “Are you okay?” Someone said from above Tommy.


          Tom groaned as he lifted his head from the cold floor. He opened his eyes to see a young man sitting in front of him. Then he turned his vision to his surroundings. There were torches lit in a circle all around them, and they were in a cage. Well, sort of a cage. It was shaped in a circle and was on a small platform which sat about a foot off of the ground. There were large metal bars, closely fit together and a cement roof.  


          “Are you okay?” The boy repeated.


          Tommy just nodded his head and sat up all the way, clearing his throat. The boy was on his knees, and then he stood up. Tom rubbed the back of his head and grabbed the boy’s hand as he offered it. He helped Tommy up so that he was completely standing.


          “Ouch.” Tommy said as he grabbed his left arm tightly.


          “Careful,” the boy spoke softly to Tommy in a concerned voice.


          Tommy refocused his attention to the young man, still holding his arm. He was going to ask his name, but was too afraid. Before he could say anything the boy spoke.


          “Don’t be afraid, I’m the good guy. My name is Jimmy.” He said politely.


          “How did you—never mind.” Tom paused, “I could’ve sworn you read my mind.”


           Jimmy laughed and Tom joined in nervously. Then a bunch of questions rushed into Tommy’s mind at one moment.


          “Why are we here?” He asked urgently. “And onto that… where is here?”


          Jimmy stopped laughing and looked at him seriously. “We need to talk.”


          “Not before we talk.” Mrs. Crandle almost laughed as she walked into the room through a tunnel. Her heels clicked loudly on the hard floor as she approached.


          “I want you to come with me Tommy.” Mrs. Crandle said as she took out a key and fastened it into place in the lock.


          Tommy started backing up until he hit the other side of the cage. Jimmy stood by the door which Mrs. Crandle was going to open. The boy looked at her and started pleading, “Please don’t. Please don’t do this. He can’t handle it. He’s not strong enough! He doesn’t know who it is!”


          Mrs. Crandle ignored him and opened the door, pushing Jimmy out of the way. “Don’t even think about it!” She whispered to Jimmy as she lifted her jacket, revealing a small, blue stone. The stone was glowing brightly, and had inscriptions on it, that were in a foreign language, which Tommy couldn’t decipher.


          Mrs. Crandle seemed to have a force field around her, because Jimmy couldn’t go near her, but yet, Tommy could.


          She grabbed Tom’s left shoulder, which was painful for Tommy. Tommy grunted and cried out slightly. Mrs. Crandle dug her nails into his skin and pushed him towards the door, then, still holding his shoulder, turned around after they were out and locked the door.


          Finally she twisted around and grinned crookedly to Tommy. They started down the deep, dark tunnel, listening to Jimmy’s hopeless cries of desperation.












Chapter 7: Missing


          “Do you know where Tommy is?” Elaine looked at her husband, Carlos, worriedly as she stood up from the chair in the kitchen.


          “How would I know? I just got home.” Carlos stated calmly.


          Elaine nodded her head in agreement, and then folded her arms to her chest. As she looked down, she spoke softly, “He should have been home a few hours ago.”


          Carlos set down his brief case and hung up his jacket. Then he moved towards her and lifted her chin so that her eyes were looking in his. He searched her eyes for a minute and then said, “I’m sure it’s fine. He’s probably just at Matthew’s place.”


          Elaine smiled and walked towards the phone. She picked it up off the wall and punched in the numbers. As she waited, she wrapped the coil around her fingers nervously. “Come on, Come on, pick up!” she whispered to herself.


          Then there was a voice on the other line. It sounded anxious and frustrated like they picked up the phone many times already that day.


          “Hello? Matthew, sweetie? Is that you?” It was Pamela, Matt’s mother.


          “No.” Elaine’s voice faltered.


          “I was just wondering if you knew where Tommy was. He has been gone for a few hours, and hasn’t called. I just thought maybe he was at your house.” Elaine spoke quickly.


          “No. I’m sorry Elaine. I can’t find Matthew either. He left about an hour after he got home from school with another young girl. Her name was uh—Sara. Her parents are the ones that live over on 34th street.”


          “Yes, yes. I know who you mean.” Elaine paused, “So your boy is missing too then?”


          Pamela was quiet for a moment and then said, “Yes.”


          “I—I have to go. Goodbye” Elaine was about to hang up and then Pamela said something.


          “Wait. What are you going to do?”


          “First of all, I’m going to see if Sara is still not home. Then, I’m going to call the police” Elaine said reassuringly.




          “What happened?” Carlos asked her curiously.


          “Tommy and Matt are both missing.”





          “I just called Sara’s house and her mother said that she had not been home yet either. If her daughter doesn’t show up in an hour, she is getting a hold of the police.” Carlos set the phone down, looking at his wife.


          “I think its happening.” Elaine shuddered as she wrapped her sweater closer to her body.


          “What do you mean?” Carlos sat down at the table, opposite of Elaine and stretched out his hands to hers.


          “She’s back.” She closed her eyes, her lips trembling with fear.


          Carlos looked at her until she opened her eyes. Then he spoke. “We must do something.”


          He stared at Elaine urgently and tightly pressed his fingers around her palm. Elaine moved her face right up to Carlos and whispered ever so quietly, “We can’t. It’s all in the three’s hands now.”


          Carlos clenched his jaw, and released her hands from his. He pounded his fist onto the table, and Elaine jumped slightly, “How can we just sit here and let this happen. He doesn’t even know about his powers yet, or how important he is! If he fails now, all of us are doomed.”


          “I know,” Elaine murmured as a tear rolled down the side of her cheek. “I know.”


Chapter 8: Jimmy


          Matt and Sara finally got to the end of the stairs and stopped for a minute to figure out where they were.


          “Can we eat now?” Matt begged.


          Sara looked at him, and without answering grabbed the back pack from the ground and took out two granola bars.


          “Here. But this is all we can have until we find Tommy.” Sara sighed.


          “OK,” Matt agreed, “But what do you plan on doing when we find Tom?”


          “I haven’t actually thought of that yet.” Sara’s face crumpled. The truth was she knew what would happen, and Matt wouldn’t like it. She knew she couldn’t reassure him that Tommy would be okay.


          “Great!” Matt said sarcastically.


“We will worry about that after we find Tom.” Sara said, exasperated.


When they both finished the bar, they each took a small drink of water from the pack, and then slowly walked past the stairs.


There was a long tunnel, lit by torchlight’s, and bricks covered the wall.

“Wow, I really like the whole medieval look down here. I should really ask who decorated it.” Matt shone the flashlight around the dark corners, which were not lit by the torches. Spider webs flickered into view.


          “Very funny Matthew,” Sara glared.


          Then the tunnel ended abruptly, and there was no door, only a door way that had a high arch in the middle and was quiet wide.


          Matt and Sara peered inside cautiously, at first seeing no one. And then as their eyes adjusted they noticed there was someone in a large cage in the middle of the big room, sitting on a stone platform about a foot off of the ground.


          Who ever it was, he was—crying. Matt and Sara rushed to the cage and grabbed the bars.


          “Tommy?!” Matt screeched as he ran up to the boy.


          Sara followed him, and they both stopped abruptly when they saw it wasn’t him. The boy also stopped and looked at him, wiping away the wet in his eyes.


          “Who are you?” He looked at Matt accusingly.


          Matt opened his mouth to introduce them, when Sara cut him short. “This is Mathew, and I am Sara.”


          The boy stopped and exhaled noisily. “My name is Jimmy.


          Jimmy—Matt thought.


          “And your name is—Sara. How old are you?”




          “So, you’re looking for Tom?” Jimmy raised an eyebrow pointing to the both of them.


          “Yes! Where is he? Tell us and we will try to help you out OK!” Sara started.


          “He’s—“ Jimmy was cut short.


          There were footsteps coming towards them.  


          “Sorry!” Sara gasped as she grabbed Matt by the Tee Shirt, and they ran back towards the stairs.






Chapter 9: Powers

Tommy was lead into a small dark room filled with a bad aroma. Mrs. Crandle pushed him towards the middle of the room and sat him on a large stone chair.


          Men appeared from the corners of the room and stood by Mrs. Crandle.

          The men took a few steps back after she whispered something to them, and pulled a chain behind them, which opened up a small portion of the roof. Light shone through the cracks, making it a little bit easier for Tommy to see.


          “There’s no point in trying to ever get free from here. You can’t get away from me now that I have the stone. Your power does not work around me!” Mrs. Crandle glared, holding out the rock.


          “Power? What power?” Tommy wrinkled his nose.


          “Stop playing innocent, Tommy. You know what I’m talking about!” She placed the stone back in her jacket and straightened up.


          “No, I don’t. I have no ‘powers’.” Tom shook his head, his mind swimming with confusion.


          “Fine then, if that’s how you want it to be.” Mrs. Crandle looked back at the two men and smiled.


          “Shesto felle restomorfe!” Mrs. Crandle turned back to Tommy, shouting. She pointed her hands towards him.


          Then, unexpectedly, Tommy was lifted into the air.


          Mrs. Crandle held him there for a moment and then dropped him down. When Tommy’s feet hit the ground he almost fell over, but caught himself on the wall.


          “How did you!?” Tommy gasped, his heart beating faster.


          Mrs. Crandle cackled and said, “Have I refreshed your memory? Now do you know what I meant when I said ‘powers?’?”


          “I don’t know how you did that, but I still don’t know what you’re talking about. I don’t have any powers!” Tommy stepped forward one step and sighed.


          “Trembela sovuelo buem!” Mrs. Crandle lifted her arms high.


          Tommy was thrust against the wall by an invisible force. His head ached and his arm was burning with pain. He cried out in pain and screamed so loud that it echoed in the room.


          “Poley mora” Mrs. Crandle shot a streak of white light in Tommy’s direction, and he fell to the ground.


          The impact of hitting the hard concrete floor left Tom unconscious.


The last thing he saw was the two men walking towards him. Tommy could feel leather gloves brace him by the shoulders and feet, and he was lifted into the air. Then, complete darkness overtook him, and his mind was filled with dreams.


          Tommy dreamt of what had happened before, when he had heard Jimmy and Mrs. Crandle talking about ‘another boy’ who had powers, like Jimmy. And how after, when he realized they were probably talking of him, he was caught and Mrs. Crandle asked him about his powers.


          It made no sense. He didn’t know of having any powers, and yet, Mrs. Crandle insisted. And what Mrs. Crandle could do with her hands. She spoke in another language, and commanded Tommy from the ground. It defied all logic. It defied gravity. Impossible.





 Chapter 10: Healing


          “Tommy?” Jimmy whispered. “Hey, wake up!”


          Tom groaned, and then quickly sat up. He was panicking, his brow thick with sweat. “Relax, relax. It’s OK now. She’s gone for the time being.” Jimmy bowed his head, staring at Tommy.


          Tom turned his head towards Jimmy and tried speaking, his voice cracking. “She—she lifted me in the air without even touching me. It was like magic!”


          Jimmy quickly changed the subject. “Your arm looks like it hurts.”


Tommy looked down at it and frowned, “It does.”


          Jimmy knelt down to his level and grabbed the arm. He spread his hands across it, about three centimetres away from touching it, and spoke softly. “Twesto Mered Fixio,” A blue light glow from his hands now, and Tommy could slowly feel the pain disappear.


          When the light left his hands, Jimmy stood again, pulling Tom up with him.


          “How did you do that?” Tom grabbed his arm and moved it around.


           “Listen Tommy, this is going to sound crazy but… you can do it to.” Jimmy tightened his fists a little and looked at him, biting his lip.


“First Mrs. Crandle, now you!” Tom eyed the boy carefully.


“No—No I’m serious! You can. Your parents can to, they just probably haven’t told you yet.” Jimmy nodded his head furiously.


“Prove it! How do I know if you aren’t working with them?” He looked back at his arm.


“Fine. I will teach you to use your powers. Then will you believe me when I tell you I’m good. You were born with these powers; you just haven’t used them yet.


“Listen, the thing is—okay here it goes. About fourteen years ago, there was an evil sorcerer named Fereydape, or as you know her Mrs. Crandle. Now, Fereydape was completely against other magical human beings, in other words, witches and wizards, like you and me. She didn’t like the idea of all of us hanging around mere mortals, like some of your friends back at school.”


Some?” Tommy interrupted.


Jimmy ignored him, “She wanted to dispose off all non-magical people from the world. As you can imagine, others joined her forces, and they fought against us with their powers. Finally in the end, of course, we won. Fereydape went into hiding with the rest of her followers, and they haven’t been seen since. But then, there were three children born, the night of Fereydape’s defeat. Three children born from their magical parents. These were no normal children, or even just the average witch or wizard. These children had powers above all, even Fereydape. The legend went, even before Ferey’s time that after a mighty evil was conquered; three babies would be born who bore the mark of power, which in our language is a symbol with a semi-circle intertwined in two parallel lines and a dot in the middle of them.” Jimmy Paused and lifted his shirt sleeve to show a mark on his right shoulder.

Tommy gasped. He also lifted his sleeve, and there lay, what he knew to be, his birth mark. He always thought it was sort of cool, but never thought of it as this important.

Jimmy continued, “The baby’s marks gave them powers beyond any knowledge. It is written that when the evil returns, the three must unite together to finally finish the enemy. But if the enemy happens to return with the stone, which is a mark between those three, they shall take over, and kill all who oppose them. As you have seen, Ferey has the stone, and if we do not unite and stand against her, she will win!”


“Wait a minute…” Tommy sighed, “If you and I are one of the three, then do you know who the other one is?”


“A girl.” Jimmy closed his eyes as if daydreaming.


Then it all came together for Tommy. “Sara.”



Chapter 11: Mark


          “Matt?” Sara whispered, “Do you think they are gone?”


“I think so—it’s been over an hour.” Matt touched her arm, “Let’s go.”


They had been hiding in a room which lay down the tunnel leading to Jimmy. The room was small and dusty. Pictures and paintings of people hung all over the walls, and to one side there was an empty closet. Matt pushed against the door and they headed back to where Jimmy was.


Their feet patted against the hard, dirty ground as they drew nearer to the prison in which they only expected to find Jimmy. Finally they rounded the corner, and in the open space, sat not just Jimmy, but Tommy too!


“Tommy!” Sara ran towards him, eyes lifted.


“Sara? You’re here?” Tom grabbed the bars in both hands, sticking his face out.


“Ya… Forgot to mention that—they were here before looking for you.” Jimmy stuttered.


Tom disregarded what Jimmy said and then looked at Sara again. “Sara…”


Matt searched Tommy’s eyes, “What’s wrong Tommy?”


“Can I see your right shoulder for a minute, Sara?” Tom continued to stare deeply at her.


“What kind of a question is that?” Matt spoke as if pretending to be Sara.


Sara nodded to Jimmy and Jimmy nodded back. “Look Tommy, I would’ve told you sooner but—“


“I understand.” Tom still held his gaze.


“OK wait a minute. I am so confused. What were you going to show him and why?” Matt whined.


Sara tugged on the sleeve of her short sleeved shirt and rolled it up, uncovering a small birthmark shaped just like Jim and Tommy’s.


“This is perfect. Now, all we need to do now to defeat Fereydape,” (“Who?” Matt asked) “is first of all to get out of here, and second of all, to find a mortal.”


Everyone’s eyes shot to Matt and he stood there in complete confusion as everyone stared at him. “What?”


Then all three begun explaining to Matt the story behind Fereydape, and the powers all three of them possessed. “Great,” Matt replied, “Now I feel left out. I’m the only one who isn’t magical.”


“Now, now Matt. You’re still very essential for this task. You’re the mortal!” Sara encouraged.


“Ya, and a minute ago, I thought you were too!” Matt said.


“Come on Matt!” Tommy begged.


“Okay, fine. Just tell me what you need me to do.” Matt walked closer to the three, resting his head on one of the horizontal bars crossing the vertical ones.


Chapter 12: Food


“Got it?” Jimmy asked Matt as Matt leaned against the wall.


“I think so. So I go all the way to the other end into the room with the white door?” Matt asked.


“Yes.” All three of them replied.


“Okay but there is just one slight problem.”


“What is it now MATT!” They all looked at him, exhausted.


“Don’t you need to escape first?”


Silence overtook the entire group, and both Matt and Sara started pacing, their feet making a small pattering sound against the floor. Tommy looked at his hand, tracing the lines on his palm, and thinking about how to get out. As Jimmy had already explained to them, neither Tommy nor Jimmy could pass through, let alone touch the lock of the door. It was impossible.


“I’m hungry!” Matt bursted out.


Tom had to agree on that. Matt just made him realise that he hadn’t eaten for over six hours. He was famished. “I’m starved to. Jimmy?” Tommy twisted around, “How do we eat?”


Jimmy was pulled out of concentration and thought for only a moment longer. “I do this of course, ‘Abra Cadabra!’”


The boy looked at them mockingly and laughed at Matt’s gullible assumption. “Alright fine.” Jimmy realised how serious they were, “Rewinter dervoiru.” He lifted his hands.


Then, at the flash of a blue light, a hamburger appeared in Jimmy’s hands.


“How did you do that?” Matt opened his mouth wide, craving the same meal.


“I can do lots of stuff,” Jimmy took a bite of the burger, “So can Tommy!” He exclaimed through a full mouth, his voice muffled. “And Sara!”


“Lucky.” Matt muttered.


Finally he swallowed and motioned towards Tommy, “Go ahead, try it. You just have to say the words, and think of the food you want to eat.”


“Gotta love that eh?” Tommy lifted his eyebrows and winked at Matt.  


Sara did the same spell, and in a matter of seconds, a hotdog sprung up in her hands.


Tom cleared his throat, lifted his hands, closed his eyes, and thought of food. He imagined a big slice of cheesy pizza and bread sticks with dipping sauce, and for desert, a big chocolate and M&M cookie.


Rewinter dervoiru.”  Tommy breathed, and then opened his eyes.


Matt, Sara and Jimmy tried to hold back a laugh. Tommy looked down and saw the food, but it wasn’t exactly what he had ordered. A large dead fish sat at his feet, head, tail and eyes intact. The odour coming from the fish was wretched, and very unappetizing. 


          That was when they couldn’t hold it in anymore. Jimmy and Matt fell to the floor laughing and Sara just stood there giggling. When it was over Jimmy got back up and walked towards Tom, putting an arm on his shoulder, “Nice one!”


          “Can we get some real food now?” Matt whined.


          “Oh, shut up Matt!” Tommy crossed his arms, “Lemme’ see you do better!”


          Jimmy lifted one hand to quiet them down, and then whispered the words once more. When his eyes opened, a large hamburger was in Tommy and Matt’s hands.


          “Not exactly what I had in mind,” Tommy picked a sesame seed off of the bun, “But it’ll do.”






Chapter 13: Mortal Blood


          Jimmy moved to the door of the cage, staring deeply at it, wishing he could use his powers to break down the bars and escape. The only problem was that now that Fereydape had the stone, she could control Jimmy, Tommy and Sara from using their supernatural powers to destroy her. She cursed the entire dungeon with the stones magic, so that it was impossible to get out.


          Then Jimmy remembered something. In the old language, the stories that also spoke about how to kill Fereydape, also said that if the stone was in power of true evil, then the one way to defeat it, was to add the one thing the ruler of it hated, and the stones curses would be lifted. “Mortals. Mortal blood.”


Matt come here! I think I might know how to get out; I just need some of your blood.


          “My what!?” Matt looked at him, frightened.


          “In the old scriptures, it writes that to defeat the stone’s curses, you must add the one thing that the holder of the stone despises above all things. Mortals—Mortal blood.” Jimmy shook his head to Matt. “It’s the only thing that makes sense.”


          “That’s brilliant! I can’t believe I forgot all about that!” Sara gasped brightly.


          “But why my blood?” Matt moaned, “I don’t like being—Cut!”


          “Please Matt, it’s the only way!” Tom pleaded with him.


          “Fine! But do it quickly. This better not hurt!”


          Sara passed Jimmy a fist sized; sharp stone through the bars, and Jimmy pressed it lightly against Matt’s skin. “Ready?” he asked Matt carefully.


          Matthew shut his eyes tightly and bobbed his head up and down rapidly, clenching his teeth and lips together.


          Jimmy pushed the rugged edge of the rock into the side of Matt’s arm, until a small trickle of blood dripped across his pale skin. A small wooden cup appeared in Jimmy’s hands in a few swift words, and he was now collecting the blood in it, still squeezing Matt’s arm.


          Jimmy set the goblet down on the floor and placed his two hands over the wound.  “Twesto Mered Fixio,”

He just barely uttered over the small cry of pain coming from Matt. Then a blue light started to Glow through the blood and the cut, and it was gone just as it had been there. Matt opened his eyes and heaved a deep sigh. Then, taking the corner of his shirt, wiped off the blood stained on his skin.


          Jimmy grasped the cup again and went over to the lock. He tipped the cup over, and the blood smeared throughout the rust old metal at once. The colour of the blood turned a dark red as it started to dry and was completely opaque.


          “So… Now what?” Matt said as he fiddled his thumbs.


          Before anyone said anything, the door slid open and Jimmy spread his hand out to the opening, checking for any force field. Once he knew it was okay, he walked through, with Tommy right behind him. They were free.





Chapter 14: Splitting up


          Footsteps echoed inaudibly through the deep chambers as the four ran quickly out of sight of the prison.


Matt stared at the other three and then turned to face forward again. He couldn’t help but feel jealous of them. But then again, who wouldn’t. They were unique, and special. He was a nobody. A mortal.

          “Okay Matt,” Jimmy wheezed as they stopped running, “It’s time for us to split up. You have to go straight that way for a minute,” Jimmy pointed to his left, “Then, the fifth corner you hit, go right and you’ll see the white door. Remember all you have to do?”


Matt wiped cold sweat from his face and gave a weak thumbs up. “Careful.” Sara whispered as he started to jog in the opposite direction of them.


The other three continued to go right as far as they could until they reached a splitting point. “Sara, you have to leave us now. We need you to get rid of all the men in the main room. A quick dackiangos spell should do it. It’ll only knock them out for a few hours, but I think that will be enough. Just try and conger up the strongest one you can.” Jimmy smiled comfortingly to her.


“OK. So where can I meet you guys? Same place Matthew’s going?” Sara had finally caught her breath enough to talk.


“Ya. Just don’t get caught.” Jimmy added to her.


Sara waved quickly and started down one of the paths.


“So, now what?” Tom looked at Jimmy.


“We have to find Fereydape without getting caught.” Jimmy groaned.


“Great!” Tommy said sarcastically. “Another hide and go seek game.”



“Shh!” Jimmy hissed to Tommy as they made their way down the stone steps. “If she catches us now, we’re as good as dead!” He said crossly.


As they rushed down the stairs to another dark corridor, Tommy could hear faint voices coming their way. “Hide!” He grabbed Jimmy’s dirty tee shirt and pulled him into a room with a large wooden door on it.


He slammed the door a bit too loud and the brass knocker on the other side swung back and forth making a sharp ‘bong’ noise. The room was pitch black, except for a little bit of light escaping from one of the walls. Tom could just make out what looked like an old, padded green chair. A desk lay just to the left of them, which was no bigger than a meter in each direction.


Both boys stuck their heads to the door and listened quietly. Tommy could hear hardly anything over his own breathing. He could feel a heartbeat in his throat, pulsing wildly. The voices were that of two men, who seemed to be walking slowly, taking their time.


“Night guards.” Jimmy whispered as the footsteps faded away. “We have to hurry, there isn’t much time left now!”


Tom swallowed, and took a deep breath. They both pushed against the door, and it opened easily. They looked left and right once, and then hurried towards their destination.


Then they came to an abrupt halt. The passages lead three different ways. “Which way now?” Tom asked, his fists clenched. He could feel his fingernails digging into his skin painfully, leaving half moon marks on his palm.


“Umm…” Jimmy’s eyes flashed back and forth to each path.


“Umm! What do you mean UMM?” Tom could hardly breathe now.


“Er—I don’t really remember this part.” Jimmy closed his eyes, thinking hard.


“We have to split up then!” Tom squealed, thinking which way he would go.


“Are you sure that’s a good idea?” Jimmy looked at him, practically jumping up and down.


“It’s the only way we can get there in time!” Tom decided on the center passage, “We must find Ferey before it’s too late.”


“OK. We will split up. But go back if it’s the wrong way, and meet up here. If I don’t meet you after five minutes, don’t come and find me, look for the room okay? I’ll take the right. Deal?” Jimmy crossed his fingers and moved towards the right opening.


“Deal. I’ll go to the middle.” Tommy replied as he turned around and started to sprint across the stone floor.


He kept his head forwards, sneaking a few glances to his sides and behind him every once in a while.


Chapter 15: Tricked and Captured


Jimmy could feel his legs beginning to ache as he ran. Beads of sweat ran down his forehead and cheeks. He slowed to a jog and he tried to recover his breath, and moved on into the shadows. He was relieved that he hadn’t got in the way of one of the guards, or Fereydape.


Then, suddenly the channel stopped at a dead end, with one door sitting across the wall. He shifted over to the handle, ready to push it open a crack. When he did, he saw, to the corner of the huge room, sat Sara and Matt. They were chained to the wall, sitting on the dirty floor, moaning. Sara had a big gash across her face, and blood was slowly spilling down onto her neck, and Matt was in even worse shape. He had a black eye and was bleeding in the leg, just below his knee. The cut ran down from his knee, all the way to his ankle almost, and he had scratches throughout both arms and his chest.


Jimmy checked the rest of the room carefully to make sure no one else was in there. The coast was clear. “Matt!” he shouted, “Sara!”


They didn’t answer. He rushed inside the space and dashed hastily over towards them.


“Are you okay?” He reached towards Matt to shake him, when all of a sudden; their bodies and the chains were invisible, vanishing without a sight.


Then there was a sinister laugh behind him. He twirled around on his heel, and almost fell over when he saw Ferey. “Hello Jimmy!” Fereydape cackled, “I knew I could trick you with that one. Always dependent on you’re friends. So, so—Selfless.” She paused, “But anyways, where is he?”


“Who?” Jimmy shrugged.


“Tell me where Tommy and Sara are our I’ll—“


“Sara?” Jimmy glanced casually with a hint of curiosity in his voice.


“Yes, you know who I mean. The third one. You see, I summoned one of my guards to go and get you for questioning, and he says he witnessed a young girl and a young boy having dinner with you. Curious.” She lifted her eyebrows, “And the young girl, magically made a—hotdog appear.”


“A hotdog... hmm... that is strange. Are you sure your guard doesn’t need his eyes checked? Maybe you should trade for a younger one.” A grin crossed Jimmy’s face.


“Yes,” She said without any tone in her voice, “Possibly. Or, you’re just lying to me.”


“Lying? Me? No way. I’m probably the most—trustworthy person you know. Then again, you don’t know a lot of people. Must be hard…”


          Ferey cursed at him. “Fine, if you don’t tell me, then I will just have to go looking for them myself.”


          A small ounce of panic rose into Jimmy’s voice, “Y-you don’t need them.”


          “Oh, really? And why is that?” A creepy smile crossed her face.


          Fereydape seized Jimmy by the neck and gripped him tight. “Poiuytrewla!” She pulled him up with an invisible force by the neck and cuffs appeared in mid-air, barring him to the wall by his arms and legs.


          His feet dangled and he could feel his wrists burning in pain.


          “That should keep you there.” She smirked, “And so you can’t make any noise, Miuteos!”


          Jimmy felt his lungs squeezed slightly as his voice left his body. He was now mute. Unable to do spells, or call for someone. Helpless.  


          Fereydape’s heels clicked against the rock, and she disappeared from sight.


          ‘NO!’ Jimmy screamed in silence.


          He laid his head on his chest, praying Tommy wouldn’t be found, and if he was, he would remember some of the spells Jimmy told him.


          ‘Why do these things keep happening to me?’ He spoke to himself noiselessly.



Chapter 16: White door


          Matt’s feet pounded on the ground as he raced against time to go find the ‘white door.’ His eyes moved around to everywhere around his and he kept on playing and replaying over in his mind what he had to do. ‘Find the white door, get the cup, use mortal blood (his own), light up markings and set goblet in center, and kill Fereydape.’ “Sounds simple enough.” He panted as he stopped at one corner, straining his ears for any noise at all.


He snuck a peek, and saw no one was there. Then he pulled his shoes on tighter and started down the hall once more. Brown door, grey door, brown, grey, (He wondered what all of these doors were for) grey, blue, brown, brown, brown, black, grey—no white!


Matthew spun around, staring at the door intently. It was large and arched. Pieces of silver metal bordered the edges with symbols, and dead in the center, where the handle was, sat a huge symbol. It was the same symbol as Sara, Jimmy and Tommy’s birthmark. A semi-circle with two parallel lines across it, and a coloured in dot in between each line.


“This must be it!” Matthew placed his right hand on the door handle and pushed it open. It creaked slightly as it revealed a dark room.


The room was small and almost empty. In the middle there was a little platform made of cement. Sitting on the large platform, was a goblet, encrusted in golden markings. A blue light shone on it from the roof, making it look even more brilliant.


Matt reached out his hand to grab it, but when he did, there was a sort of electric shock run through his body. Breath was knocked from him for a moment, but he recovered quickly.


How do I get through this? He thought to himself. Then he turned to the light again. It seemed to be reflected from a mirror. He looked over, seeing that that was reflected from another mirror. Then, from that, the mirror’s source came from a hole in the top corner of the wall.


Matt came out through the door again, searching the opening in the wall. There was nothing there. “What the?” he spoke softly.


After that, he saw it. There were inscriptions on the stone around the hole. They were the supply of energy to guard the cup with the light.


It was too far above his head, and out of reach. He tried jumping up to grab the inner area of the wall where it was caved in. It didn’t work.


          Sitting on the ground momentarily, he noticed a fist sized rock a few meters away. Getting up again, Matt reached for it, wiping some dirt from it.


          He returned to the writing by the gap. Then, he took the rock and chucked it straight at the words. There was a small bang and a few echoing it. A white streak ran across one of the letters.


          The light disappeared, and Matthew revisited the goblet. He grabbed for it, and nothing happened. There was no electric shock. It had worked. He had changed the spell for the light enough so it would have no effect.


          Holding the cup in his hand, Matt sped out of the room, closing the door behind him, just in case someone walked by, there would be no distress call.


          He forced himself to go faster as he headed in the same direction he had come from. He took a few turns before he recognized some of the doors. At last Matthew reached the point where he and the other three had split up. Then he went down the way that Sara had left to.


          Hoping nothing had gone wrong for Tommy or Jimmy; Matthew went to check on Sara to make sure everything went okay. Then he would need to find the other two.


          Down past more doors, and walls, and windows, and torches.


          At last Matt was enclosed in a humungous room with two floors. Hanging from the ceiling was a chained chandelier with candles in it. For the second floor, which he was standing on, there was just a walkway about a meter wide all around the perimeter. Then, the rest was open to the first floor, which had a cement grey colour to it. There was shouting from underneath the platform he was standing on, and it sounded like Sara’s voice.


          “Vetersurusim! Dackiangos!” She shouted out hexes.


          Matt rushed down a set of spiralled stone steps to meet Sara. He stumbled as he got to the bottom and heard a shzwing as a bolt of lightning passed right in front of his face.


          “Matt?” Sara put her hands restlessly by her side, “I’m so sorry, I thought you were another security lookout… So, why are you here? Did you get it?”


          “Yes, I was just checking if you were okay.” Matt glanced around them both, spotting bodies sprawled across the floor, “Their not—you know…”


          “Oh, no! I just knocked them out for a few hours, to buy us some time.” She gasped.


          “Well, we should go find the other two then, hey.” Matthew said lifelessly.


          Sara clenched her teeth and nodded her head forcefully and shortly, slow for a second, and then faster.


          “ ‘K lets go then,” He spoke limply.



          Sara and Matt raced, Matt ahead by a few lengths, slowing a few times so she could catch up.


          Then, unexpectedly there were men’s voices coming their way. They ducked swiftly into a room on the right and slowed their breathing, waiting.


          The men were walking and speaking at the same time. It sounded like they were headed the way Matt and Sara had just been heading to, at the split off point.


One of them murmured something that sounded like a complaint, and the other answered back, “She said she needs someone to guard the room.”


“But why that one?” He protested.


“Because,” The other man grumbled, “It’s the room where the three unite. You know, the one that they mustn’t fine, or we are all doomed. Especially Ferey, she would kill us if they found…”


The words drifted away, and the two were left in no words.


“We have to follow them!” Sara urged.


“Let’s go!” Matt huffed, holding the cup tightly in his fists.





Chapter 17: Tommy to the rescue


Tommy continued until he hit a door.  He searched inside, finding nothing.


          “Great. That was a waste of time” He spun on his heel, heading to where he last saw Jimmy.


          Now I have to wait for Jimmy for five minutes and if he doesn’t come, I will go down the way he went, on the right.’  Tommy reflected.


          Hitting the point, he sat down next to the wall staring at the dirt. About five minutes passed by, so Tom got up inch by inch until he was flat on his feet. “Here I come Jimmy.”



          Here he was, standing at the second door. He grabbed the handle tightly and jiggled it. It wouldn’t move so he brushed through his mind, thinking of a spell for locked doors. “Knowing lots of spells would be really helpful right now,” He continued to think.


          “Fine, I’ll try this, Houvacke!” A small dust whirlwind spun around him quickly, getting dirt particles in his eyes. “Ahh—STOP! Okay... let’s see: Yitucka, Foostamon, Redfew, jutinumed!”  A bunch of random things started zipping into sight, like a live chicken, a top hat, and a glass of spoiled milk. Finally on the last spell, the door unlocked and bursted open.


          Tommy ran into the room, with the chicken close behind him, knocking over the milk. He suddenly saw Jimmy hanging from the highest point of the wall.


          “Jimmy! What happened?” Tommy ran right to the end of the wall, looking straight up.


          Jim tried shouting out, but felt his breath being pulled away from him. He tried mouthing words.


          “What’s wrong? Can you not speak?” Tom stared at him dully, “I’ll get you down!”


          The chicken started pecking at the ground near his feet. “I don’t know what to say though. If only you could tell me a reverse spell to get your voice back. Well, I know this one magical charm that you taught me, where you can write letters and words with your eyes. I could just put that charm on you so you can tell me the reverse spell to give you your voice back, okay!”


          Jimmy shook his head, showing he approved of Tommy’s thinking.


          “Okay, Belacashmeal!”  A small ball of light lit up in front of him and he directed it to Jimmy.


          The ball pressed into Jim’s forehead and spread through both his eyes. He shot it from his eyes into the air. He slowly and carefully concentrated as he wrote the word, “Miuteos Soetuim”.


          “Miuteos Soetuim!” Tom screamed back.


          The chicken jumped out of the way, with a frightened look on its face as Jimmy moaned.


          “Toimi—ahem—Tommy! You did it, you saved me!” Jimmy spoke, adding in a quick spell to get him down.


          His feet touched the ground firmly and he grinned, putting his hands on Tom’s shoulders, “good work,” Then he wrinkled his brow, putting his hands to his side, “By the way, what’s with the chicken?”


          “Don’t ask,” Tommy laughed, gratefully.


          “Okay, well, lets go find that room and hope Sara and Matt make it there fine with the goblet.”


          “Yes!” Tom and Jimmy walked out the door, stepping over the top hat and the knocked over spoiled milk.

The End

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