You scramble into the nearest cart you see, a garish yellow vehicle that suspiciously resembles a tin can. It certainly feels like a tin can, it's papery sides surrounded by the thick rubber bumper. You place the goldfish between your feet and watch him bob around for a few moments before you hear a harsh clanging bell and the ride begins.

You race around the track, desperately trying to avoid being slammed by the multitude of other cars. Something slams into your rear bumper and you turn for a split second to see Rosa laughing hysterically in a bright blue car, obvioulsly enjoying her small victory.

You immediately remove your foot from the accelerator and Rosa's car slams hard into yours, almost flinging her out of the seat. You then drive off, sniggering under your breath.

This car-on-car war with Rosa lasts about twenty minutes before the bell rings harshly in your ears again and all the cars immediately halt in their tracks.

You stand up, picking up your fish in the process. Surprisingly, he's still alive. However he does look a little nauseous after all tha banging. You chuckle, this carnival is turning out to be more amusing than you thought.

Rosa tugs your arm again and you lean over and whisper in her ear:

"Where next?"

The End

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