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“Who’s decision was this? Who’s decision was it to keep me in the dark?” asked Vartranon


Patiently he ominously turned on the spot with his fist balled so tightly that the dead straight index finger he held out began to shake. Vartranon glared at everyone stood in front of him. Then suddenly all seven of the High Elders took a pace forward.


“All of us, not one of us is more guilty than the next.” admitted Ference of the Kadolan


His head held high Vartranon nodded as he looked to the floor.


 “I will ask only this…why?” said King Vartranon setting his jaw


“We kept the truth from you because we knew you had such a burden laid before you, a petty raid by goblin marauders would only have piled on more unnecessary pressure” said Galarcardain, High Elder of the Sabertons.


Hearing those kind words, the King’s pent up aggression instantly dissipated leaving behind a calm conscience. Still staring at the floor the King began to smile wryly. He pulled his robe around him tightly, the gust swayed the flames emitted by the torches. He stood for a moment, contemplating his next move. In his stillness, his grip tightened on the Staff of Shrainia causing the orb to glow brightly.
Zarr standing just a few paces back from King Vartranon took another, unknowing of what lay ahead. The King now with every one of closest allies in view, bowed his head to each of them individually.


“Thank you. I thank you all for uniting and dealing with this problem when your King could not. I owe a debt to the Carhniaelvesaur, but yet again, it has lived up to and surpassed the strengths of any single race and for that I’m proud. We are nothing without one another. I honour you all my friends as do I our valiant and brave warriors for when called upon they answered.” Exclaimed Vartranon with a hand on his heart. He gestured to each of his trusted council,“ I bid you farewell friends and I shall see you all soon.”


With that, each member bowed and returned to their portraits. The room became still, silent apart from the kings steady breathing. He turned on the spot almost knocking Zarr over in the process and marched out of the room. “Which way now Zarr?”


The king looked left then right not knowing which direction offered him his chosen destination.


“If you would care to enter the chamber again my lord, I shall reveal all.” Zarr replied knowingly. He walked over to the monument of his king and stood by it.


“The entrance to the vault is behind my statue?” asked King Vartranon. Zarr looked at the statue then back to the King. His expression gave nothing away.

The End

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