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“Every time I see them they look more magnificent, they have captured the essence of my people” said Vartranon.


“They do your majesty.” Zarr replied.


King Vartranon stopped and inspected each of the portrait’s one by one. As he did this he raised his right arm, held the Staff of Shrainia above his head and muttered an incantation. He started to slowly swing it around above his head and suddenly one by one the high elders portrayed upon the wall began moving within the confines of their ornate golden frames. Each elder suddenly became a ghostly projection in front of the king and began walking freely After a few seconds of bewilderment each of the elders noticed the king as the source of their disturbance and bowed toward the king and then waited on tender hooks for the king to speak. The golden picture frames turned to liquid and flowed down the walls, across the floor and up on to the door. The crest began to glisten and every seam on the door was filled with the liquid metal making it secure. The Regis Sept had awoken and been called to order.

“My friends, what news from our titans” asked King Vartranon.


With some choosing to sit whilst the others remained standing, they all, with their Staff’s, took in turn to relay their news to Vartranon.


“Your Majesty” Welcomed Monfasaron, the High Elder and leader of the Lionaclawzoars.


King Vartranon looked at him with an inquisitive facial expression. “Go on Monfasaron, what is it you have to tell me” he asked, rising one eyebrow and speaking slowly.


Monfasaron motioned his paw across the face of his own portrait and then all of the other portraits faded away. A velvet coloured sky with stars shining brightly appeared in each painting. Eight Titans stood united as they commanded a battalion of Carhniaelvesaur soldiers.  An alien planet closed into view and then the small yet ferocious army of the Carhniaelvesaur descended down upon the ground of the planet Zagor to come to the aid of it inhabitants. The scene quickly changed to a battle, the titans looked stead fast against the rank upon rank of goblin invader’s crashing against the Carhniaelvesaur’s armour. As quick as before the images changed to show the Titan’s unanimous and crushing victory over the goblins. The planet’s inhabitants, Zagornites,  had started to reclaim what was theirs and all damage was fast on its way to being repaired. Peace had clearly been restored to the quadrant. The army without a single casualty, parted ways and returned to their home realms and the Titan’s resumed their positions through out the galaxy waiting to be called upon another day.


“We thought that there was no need to alert you as it was only the goblins of Traki, they are nothing, a single Titan could’ve taken them on and beaten them” explained Monfasaron.


Looking to the floor King Vartranon pulled and pushed his fingers up and down his chin, the bristles of his jet-black beard jabbed into him as if being pricked by tiny needles.

The End

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