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Ahead of him, Vartranon’s ear pricked up to the sound of doors opening. He stood patiently waiting to investigate what lay on the other side. This was the first time he had been to see his newly built vault. The endless possibilities that lay just ahead of him filled him with excitement but also a sense of fear not knowing the extent or grandeur of the task he set out just six months ago. He prepared for unexpected. Instead he was greeted by a slightly shocked and out of breath Carh-Naj-Liyhan who fell to his knees and bowed graciously upon registering the king’s presence.

“Is the vault complete Zarr?” asked King Vartranon. Zarr was the King’s lord chamberlain of both the palace and school.

(Chamber of secrets,  develop layout)As they were walking along the hall both the men’s dazzling robes trailed behind them, the heavy and beautiful material stuck to the floor so tight as if they made out of lead.

“Of course your majesty, we have stuck to the schedule and completed our task, I think you shall be pleasantly surprised with the outcome and I hope we will gain your approval.” nodded Zarr with a reassuring smile. “Are you wishing to make a deposit now?”

“I am putting the Staff in the vault as originally intended’’ said the King outright. “I will not risk its safety, not even in my own palace. Without this vault being built, my mind would never have been put to rest.”

Turning and looking at Vartranon, Zarr bowed his head and closed his eyes as he acknowledged and agreed with the King. “Your Highness the Vault has been designed to stand any attack. We have the best engineers and Architects from within the Carhniaelvesaur. No compromises have been made and every eventuality has been accounted and planned for.” explained Zarr.

As they walked down the corridor they came to a dead end. To either side of the king lay more flagstones leading off to other parts of the Palace. In front of him stood two doors (barn doors) unlike any other in the palace. These were the only doors with the Carhniaelvesaur crest engraved on them. The ornate doors were decorated with saphires, rubys, emeralds and diamonds. There was no visible way of opening them.


 Vartranon knew unbeknownst to most that they lead to the chamber of his secret council, the Regis Sept.


“Zarr, I have need to consult with my council, you shall show me the vault after.” Vartranon stated. He reached out his hands and began to push. The doors opened with ease and revealed a large circular chamber with a statue of King Vartranon towards the back of the room. Around the room hung seven full sized portraits each of a different High Elder, the leaders of the various species within the Carhniaelvesaur. All the elders pledged their allegiance to the crown of Voltznovoria and its king and in return are protected and led by him.

The End

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