The VaultMature

Within the Liyonheartzaah palace, there were many doors to many chambers; each door was made from the finest marble and lined with gold leaf. Emerging from one of the countless rooms, a towering, lean, emerald skinned man began making his way down the expansive hallway, the heavy doors shut behind him with a thunderous clap.

As the man glided gracefully down the hall a magnificent staff could be seen in his right hand. On Voltznovoria it was known by the name Shrainia created by Shrainiavinarz. The staff was created to grant whoever possessed it, the right to rule over all. Held by four golden clasps at the peak of the mighty staff was the source of it’s power, a magical orb said to contain the life force of Shrainiavinaz. Deep within the obsidian orb was a quagmire of swirling crimson, silver, gold and blue.

King Vartranon held the staff with confidence, at ease with the enormous power he held in his hand. With each step he took, the staff dimly light his surroundings breaking up the golden glow of flaming torches. As he walked past two of his royal guards standing guard at one of the many chambers, the rainbow of colours reflected off their armour as if they had struck a mirror. Their steel suits were heavy and thick, and in their hands, clenched to their chests, they each held a small crossbow. The crossbows upon firing emitted a blue beam of energy capable of stopping most adversaries. Holstered on their back another crossbow was attached, this one larger and more powerful than their smaller comparison was able to take down groups of attackers or formidable opponents. In their left hand, they each held a shield that also acted as a small armoury containing a short sword, long spear and ammunition for both cross bows. If ever someone should decide to attack the king or his palace, his guards were prepared for any conflict.

The guards watched as Vartranon majestically made his way past them. The guards each stood at around seven foot high yet still the king seemed to look down on them from up high. His long jet-black hair draped over his velvety cloak that barely contained his large and powerful stature. Upon his broad protruding chest hung a large chain, which held a glistening blue and gold amulet. The warm light emitted from the torches that lined the wall revealed his chiselled features, granite like jaw and a dense boxed black beard trimmed within a millimetre of perfection.

Vartranon’s cloak was a majestic combination of both gold and silver clasped together with a large broach. The broach displayed the crest of the Carhniaelvesaur, the peaceful pact between all eight species that inhabited Voltznorvoria. The crest contained insignia and symbols from all the species each equal in their size and prominence. It glistened with a scarlet, emerald, violet and cobalt sheen that never dulled or faded.

The large flagstones upon the floor of the Palace were enchanted, gold would fall from the roof of them and trickle down as if like rain, the stones magic would only awake when either a royal, high elder or any of their offspring would cross them.
As King Vartranon walked over them, he left a glittering trail behind him that quickly vanished as his cloak left them. A silver fire with blue focus shone brilliantly from every torch that lined the walls of the Liyonheartzaah palace.

The End

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