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As everyone bowed their heads in silence Kmazatron glared at both of Boren and Kmazatran, now all standing to attention the Knatalisaur's looked dead ahead of them.

"Speak now" growled Kmazatron through gritted teeth.

Getting down on all fours Kmazatran began walking through the battalion, as he did so they parted letting him through, passing past each of the soldiers they closed the gap. Finally Kmazatran reached the front of the guards and he stood upright, grunting as he pulled himself up his armour clanked as the different plates grazed against each other.

"I summoned you my lord" said Kmazatran.

From Kmazatron's snout a hot steam eminated as he exhaled heavily.
With an extremely stern expression upon his face Kmazatron chucked his head from his sons gaze to the soldiers upon the landing pads, looking down at the battallion still awaiting their orders.

"Guards, all of you accept my sons take to the skies and defend the Asri generators" ordered Kmazatron.

As Kmazatron landed, all of the soldiers he commanded positioned themselves into formation.

Everyone of the Knatalisaur's took off from the landing pad, as they flew through the sky, the eighty soldiers flying in formation each began to flank off in groups of ten, every single of the eight squadrons landed on one of the large Asri genetators.

Each of the generators contributed masses ammounts of power up into the great shield encasing the royal city.
Ominously circling botb Kmazatran and Boren their father Kmazatron brandished his large teeth, Boren walked forward and Kmazatran backed up until they were standing side by side.

"Tell me why you summoned me" barked Kmazatron.

Kmazatron stood still for a moment and he began slicing glances at both of his sons who stood together in utter silence.

"Speak" bellowed Kmazatron having grown increasingly more angry at his two sons quietness.

The End

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