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Looking up Keiranala took hold of Taron and stood him up bowing his head she gazed at him.

"Hello dear, you've grown, how is my sister" asked Keiranala softly.

Keiranala tipped Taron's head and kissed him on forehead. Both looking at each other they smiled and Taron took hold of his Aunt's hand and squeezed it for a second.

"She is well Aunt, she hopes to see you soon but sends her warmest regards" said Taron kindly. 

Turning from his loving Aunt he now looked at his Uncle who now had a snarl on his face, Taron stood upright but wouldn't look directly at Kmazatron he looked over the top of him as Kmazatron had sat back in his chair.

"My lord, this message arrived for you from through the portal" said Taron as he handed the cloud to Kmazatron.

Snatching a hold of message Kmazatron launched into the chamber off his study slamming the door behind him.

Releasing the message, the contained cloud read I "need you down here now" the cloud lettering disappeared as Kmazatron stormed through it. Thundering through the chamber doors back into the study he charged toward the wall for his battle armour.

"What did the message say, who was it from?" asked Keiranala completely baffled.

Roaring for the two guards standing guard outside the doors he made them put on his very fierce battle armour, having put every piece on the only thing left was his helmet which his three horns stuck through.

Kmazatron's helmet ran up his head plate almost covering it except for the shards along his head plate.

"Why do you need that, what is up" asked Keiranala in a worried tone.

Looking at his Aunt, Taron put his hand on her shoulder and shook his head weary of her being also barked at. With Kmazatron's head plate finally strapped into place he now on all fours stood just before the open window, he swung his large tail back, as he did Taron pulled his Aunt aside as Kmazatron bashed his desk out of his way so as not to hamper his take off.

"One of the imbeciles that I sent down there has summoned me, not saying who" hollered Kmazatron violently.

Launching out the window Kmazatron enlarged immediately after clearing the balcony, amassing to his natural size the gigantic Knatalisaur nose dived through the portal to Carhnajlina.

Emerging out of the portal he arrived into a moonlit night sky, his battle armour glistened red, silver and gold. The ground all of Knatalisaurs watched as a lightning fast streak of moonlight on armour hurtle toward them, but suddenly reaching them he stopped above and hovered for a moment.

"Who summoned me...who" roared Kmazatron angrily.

The End

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