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As Taron reached the steps of the residency the guards let him pass immediately as he was Kmazatron and Keiranala's nephew, shrinking down slightly he ran through the massive halls to his uncle's study.

Not getting very far by running he shrunk down even further and took off, as he flew he turned the corners with such sharp precision he arrived at his uncle's study in no time.

Stopping dead Taron enlarged himself and stood up straight, composing himself with the message in his talon he knocked on the doors. Just walking back into the room Keiranala heard the knocking and looked at the door, but Kmazatron's temper had in a split second flared up again.

"In" he bellowed throwing up his claws both the doors clattered open. 

Timidly Taron crossed over the threshold and as he turned to close the doors Kmazatron threw up his claws again and the doors slammed shut.

Freezing for a moment Taron then turned around, pulling his arm back to his side he lifted his head high and walked toward Kmazatron, gliding infront of her husbands desk Keiranala stood almost him as expected he immediately dropped to his knee and bowed his head.

"My lady" said Taron respectfully

The End

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