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As Arramizeus hovered in the air suddenly Keiranala saw flares of purple light from the side of the ships boosters, the synchronized fire of the large boosters had eventually postitioned itself albeit slowly direct over its landing pad.

Kmazatron smiled as he turned his head as Keiranala was watching.

Slowly turning downward the cylindrical rockets began locking into place for its final decent. 
The great landing pad opened up and from the centre rose up a giant metal structure, as the ship got closer to the large structure its boosters fired heavily so as to steady itself, as it did it eventually cusioned and clamped into place on the giant metal strip and with its safe landing the engines that had thundered so loudly powered down and suddenly the giant metal structure began lowering taking Arramizeus with it.

Lower and lower it got until the landing pad began to close covering the great vessel safely in its hanger below ground.

"That ship is controlled entirely by our kind, that is why its the size it is, and most feared" said High elder Kmazatron to his wife who was turning back to him.

The End

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