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Exhaling High Elder Kmazatron gazed out over the realm, he watched several Knatalisaurs take off from different locations and fly out of view, all of a sudden a great thundering came over the top of Kmazatron and Keiranala's residency they both watched the colossus Airnah battle cruiser Arramizeus the flag ship that was the most feared throughout the skies fly over them. 

The great ship was the largest in the Carhniaelvesaur armies fleet, Keiranala pushed herself further into Kmazatron and as she did so he put his arm across her face, he shielded her from the numerous bright purple boosters.  The huge and bulky plasma cannons lined the sides of the ship; also, it had a plentiful of Gatling cannons and abundance of electrified shock launchers.

The gust from the boosters blew the robes of Kmazatron and Keiranala back, Keiranala's beautiful pale blue gown blew with such ferocity.
Seeing this Kmazatron thrust out his left wing and curled it around his wifes magnificent golden patterned garment. Finally as the herculean ships boosters began to out range both of them Kmazatron pulled back his wing, with the wind gone Keiranala took her head from her husbands neck.

By his side both hand in hand they gazed at the ship as it began decending toward the gigantic landing pad built especially for it.

"I've never seen it land before" said Keiranala in awe.

The End

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