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Walking around Kmazatron's desk Keiranala stood behind her husband, leaning back into his chair with the locket in his hands he looked affectionately at it. 

Keiranala leaned down kissing Kmazatron on the top of the head, holding his left hand Keiranala took hold of it and she rested her other hand on his right shoulder. 

Kissing his wives hand he kept a tight hold on it as if he didn't want to let go, calmly he stood up with the locket in his hand and turning around for him Kmazatron placed it back around Keiranala's neck.

Walking toward the balcony Keiranala stopped suddenly as the evening breeze brushed past her, Kmazatron who was behind her put both his massive arms around her.

"My temper is on a knives edge, I cannot cope, my father is dying Keira and I can't do anything about it" exhaled Kmazatron whilst shutting his eyes and shaking his head slowly.

Hanging his head over Keiranala's shoulder she nestled her head into Kmazatron's neck carefully avoiding the large purple spiked plates lining their jurassic like jaws.

"You know that we are here, but you cannot take your anger out on our people or our family" said Keiranala putting her hands on Kmazatron's.

The End

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