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Getting up Kmazatron's poseable thumb had appeared, angrily he punched both of his balled fists down on the table, he leaned over looking right into Keiranala's face and flaring his nostrils he scowled menacingly.

"I will talk, shout, bellow and scream as loud as I please I am the high elder" said Kmazatron devilishly through gritted teeth.

Not faltering her gaze, Keiranala stood back and still staring at Kmazatron she put her hands down the neck of her beautiful garment. Carefully she unlocked the clasp of a beautiful necklace, she had a beautiful bejewelled locket.

When she opened the locket there was a portrait inside, it was of her Kmazatron and their two sons Kmarazroturc and Boren. 

Keiranala put the open locket down and pushed it across the desk, Kmazatron although still in a foul mood looked down, as he gased down at the locket he slumped back into his chair, chucking the glasses off his face Kmazatron ran his claws across his face and pinched either side of the brow of his snout.

"They were so young when we had this painted" said Keiranala as she gazed lovingly at the picture particularly at her sons.

Sighing heavily Kmazatron sat up and took hold of his glasses, putting them on he picked up the locket and smiled.
His robe held tight to his body, the cuffs just hiding the giant plated scales running up his arms.

"I know they darling I'm sorry" said Kmazatron.

The End

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