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Sitting in his chair Kmazatron raised his tallons, with a single flick the blinds behind him drew themselves aside and the tall windows opened onto a balcony leading to a large landing pad.
Angrily and without any hint high elder Kmazatron slammed his fist down on the table.

"Get out, out, all of you" roared Kmazatron as he brandished his teeth to the Knatalisaur guards.

Immediately following their lords command they silently marched to the centre of the room turned and filed out, suddenly the clanking of their amour stopped and Kmazatron's head shot up.

Gliding gracefully forward and into the room was the high elders wife Lady Keiranala, everyone of the guards bowed their heads and as she passed them she smiled and tipped her head to each of them.
As the very last guard left the room Kmazatron swung his arm out wide and the doors slammed shut.

Turning her head slowly Keiranala looked from the doors back to her husband.

"I have brought you these" said Keiranala softly as she revealed a magnificent bunch of flowers.

She glided over and placed them in the two large vases on either side of the room, the vases were tall and on deep hexagon shaped white marble plinths that were level with Kmazatron's desk.

"Why are you here" asked Kmazatron in such a deep voice it almost sounded like a growl.

Tending the flowers that she had brought in Keiranala turned to her husband, looking at Kmazatron sitting at his desk she saw that his face was full of anger. Putting down the flowers she began walking toward him, as she reached his desk she looked down at her husband but he was upright and was in such a blind stare it was if he was staring through Keiranala.

Kmazatron's oak coloured eyes were large, running from his pupils were flecks of lime green.

"You are upset, I know that, but you cannot take it out on everyone else" sighed Keiranala heavily.

The End

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