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Knatalisaurs are 1 - 3rd dragon 1 - 3rd T-Rex and 1 - 3rd Stegasaurus

Suddenly Kmazatran let out a blood curdling roar, just in front of Kmazatran's mouth appeared a cloud swirling like a maelstrom. From his hands a single bolt of dead straight golden lightning came into vision.

Without any warning the bolt centered behind the cloud and launched the message upward. Flying through the air it finally reached the portal and passed through, travelling inside the message finally burst through into the Knatalisaur realm Lizackra. 

The transpirebeam portal between Carhnajlina was contantly guarded as the message burst through the guard looked up and caught it, extracting the barb the soldier span a whisp of cloud around it and took off containing the roar in his tallon.

The guard Taron flew to the high elder of his species Kmazatron.
In his gigantic residency Thorlayla high elder Kmazatron sat in his great study, hanging all along the wall were the segments of his fearsome highly decorated battle armour.

Lighting the room were upright statues of Knatalisaurs, they were depicted with their mouths open as if they were roaring but instead burning bright in their open jaws was a bright silver blazing flame.

The End

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