The Car Crash

Just a short extract I found, might add to it another time. You can tell what its going to be about from the title.

The crash couldn't have been stopped, nothing could have been done as the black car swerved off the lane and into the on coming traffic, on the busy bridge. The beeps of the cars were a deafoning drone going off into the dark of the night.

The helpless screaming from the woman in one of the cars in the on coming traffic were muffled by the screeching of wheels and smashing of metal. The side of the bridge was looming ever closer as cars toppled ontop of each other bumping her to the edge. Smoke was curling into her car as she tried to move it away from the burning black car, which had started the whole destruction. Her heart was beating like mad as the car bashed against the railings making them topple into the river below.

There was no way of getting out, the doors had been jammed shut and the windows weren't winding down. She fumbled round in her bag looking for her mobile, quickly snatching it out and dialing in numbers frantically. With her palms being all sweaty the phone slipped through her hands and fell to the back of the car, which was already over the edge of the bridge. Slowly she unclipped her belt and gently turned round in her seat, so as it try and keep the weight evenly. Reaching through her fingers were inchs away from the phone, so she gently changed her position to get a better chance at getting it. The car rocked back a bit more to the change of weight. Then from where the phone was a faint voice was heard, "Hello, hello. Is anyone there?" She looked up and lunged for the phone and screamed into it with tears streaming down her face. "Its me, I LOVE YOU!" Then the phone went dead as the car tilted all the way back and crashed into the deep waters below.

The End

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