The Canterbury Tales 2000

The Framing Tale

They were among the few who had received the Golden Invitations to the Millennium Mass at Canterbury Cathedral, a convocation of souls beckoned from all the corners of the land to mark the Great Transition

They were to be the pilgrims from one century to the next, to be the Bringers of the Old Ways into the Creators of the New Ways. 

They brought with them their own souls and the souls of their kind.  Each night these diverse pilgrims gather around the bonfire and each night a different pilgrim tells their tale.

The Pilgrims:

The Weaver

The Monk

The Judge

The Cabinet Maker

The Professor

The Soldier

The Financier

The Chef

The Lawyer

The Sea Captain

The Rock Singer

The Physician

The Escapee

The Novelist

The Artist

The Drunk






The End

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