The Candidates

The new and improved Hannah Graham is a strong-minded, independent and confident woman. But after taking a leap and leaving all that she once knew for the pursuits of a career as a professional writer in London's West End, has she bitten off more than she can chew? And what about the complicated love triangle that she's managed to trap herself into? Or would it be better to say square? Will picking the right candidate to give her heart to be as simple as she'd originally anticipated?

Being stuck in
the middle isn’t always the end of the world. In fact, some of the greatest
people were either the middle child, the third cog in a circle of friends or
simply stuck in the middle of a nasty situation.

                One of the downsides to being
one of said people is that there’s always the off chance that being stuck in
the middle invites trouble, panic and an unsettling sense of karma to your

For example, being stuck in the middle of a love triangle can go one of
three ways:

  1. You learn who you truly have a connection with and are able to fulfil a happy future together,
  2. Your loyalties to both parties leave you confused  and unable to find happiness with either, or
  3. You’re choice to remain stuck in the middle leads you to be involved in two completely different relationships simultaneously until you have judged and decided who of your two candidates is a worthy enough companion for you in your future.

Ultimately, whichever solution you choose to follow, karma will always be
one step behind you.

The End

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