Eggs, Bacon And Arguments

The following morning, Lacey and Meg were in the tiny kitchen space, making eggs and bacon for everyone. Nicole was still asleep back in the bedroom and the guys were outside doing God knows what. Silence filled the RV except for the sizzling of yummy breakfast food.

The door opened minutes later, letting in  a patch of bright sunshine along with Brent and Zach. “Hey baby,” Zach whispered in Lacey’s ear, putting his arms around her waist as her brown ponytail tickled his cheek. She giggled and turned up her head to kiss him.

“You missed a good night’s sleep outside, Lacey. Next time you should join us.” Brent murmured with a smirk, interrupting the couple. Zach didn’t reply, just shot a glare.

But Meg snarled, “Oh shut up.” She turned around to face Brent who stood up to tower over her.

“Now what?” he snapped.

“I’m tired of hearing your voice.” She turned back to the eggs in the pan.

“That’s not what you said last night.” Meg spun around quickly, reaching out to slap him but he caught her wrist and they stared each other down.

Finally, Zach broke it up. “Stop it,” he warned, “You guys are gonna wake up Nicole.”

“Too late,” Nicole informed as she walked out the back room and sat down on the small couch, closing her eyes. “Thanks a lot.”

“We’re got eggs though,” Lacey chimed in, trying to patch back together the pieces of the problem. “And bacon.”

Nicole’s green eyes popped open. “Sounds good.” She grabbed a strip of bacon right out the pan and suddenly looked very content.

After everyone had a plate of food to eat, the group headed outside to sit in the sun. Zach suggested a hike and the others agreed. The girls headed back into the RV to get dressed while Brent and Zach stayed outside.

“Hey man,” Zach said as soon as the girls where gone, “You shouldn’t just put all Meg’s business out like that.” He took a bite of his last piece of bacon.

“It’s my business too.” Brent answered.

“Yeah … I guess. But next time, keep stuff like that to yourself. You and Meg’s sex life is not on my top ten list for the morning. I already had to find somewhere else to sleep. Don’t rub it in my face, bro.”

Brent chuckled, “Sure, sure. No problem. We’ll be quiet next time.”

Zach shook his head, “You’re a dick, you know that, right?”

Brent laughed again, “Yep, and I never forget it.”

The End

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