Sleeping Under The Stars

The night sky was beautifully lit as Meagan, Brent and Zach stretched out to sleep. Zach had purposely set his sleeping bag between the two but he knew that wouldn’t be stopping Brent. He was after one thing and that one thing it was obvious to all three teens. In the end, Zach would probably end up inside and the two ex’s would end up in the same sleeping bag.

Meagan snored, asleep in minutes while Zach pretended to be knocked out cold. Brent fidgeted in his sleeping bag, unable to contain himself from his needs. Typical teenage boy. He left around 3 a.m. to “take a load off.”

Unfortunately, Lacey was also out and about in the woods since Nicole was using the RV bathroom. She strolled around the backside of the RV running directly into Brent.

“Oh my god!” she exclaimed at a whispering volume, “You scared me!” She held one hand to her chest as if that would slow down her beating heart.

“Sorry,” Brent shrugged, digging his hands into his pajama bottoms. He was shirtless, Lacey noticed then. “Hey, can I ask you something?” He leaned in and she leaned away. There was something about Brent that had always bothered Lacey … he always wanted to be too close for comfort.

“Um sure. What?” She crossed her arms over the flimsy tank top she was wearing to bed.

“How long do you think Meg and I will last?”

Lacey shook her head quickly, “No.” She started to walk around him. “I’m not … I’m not gonna answer that.” Brent grabbed her arm with one of his rough hands.

“Come on,” he whispered, “Just … tell me.”

“No. You guys’ relationship is none of my business.” She tried to pull herself free but failed. “Let go of me, Brent.”

Suddenly, his lips were at the side of her neck, trailing up to her cheek and ear. “Come on baby. Just tell. It won’t kill you.” His voice was luring.

But Lacey wasn’t that easily stirred. She kept her voice calm, “Brent, I swear to God if you don’t get your hand off me in the next two seconds, I’ll scream for Zach.”

“Okay, okay.” He released her, putting his hands up like he was facing the police. “But Zach will never know who you were before this year.” He tapped his chest, “Only I will … and my little friends down here.” He patted his pajamas as well before walking away, leaving Lacey in despair.

He did know her and he always would. She had tried and tried and tried … but it’s impossible to erase the past.

The End

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