The Camping Trip

About a group of five high school seniors looking to enjoy the last bit of time they have together with a camping trip.

Red, orange, and yellow mixed together in harmony creating the perfect camp fire. The moon was glowing brightly like the dozens of tiny stars in the sky. The massive RV sat in solitude as five high school seniors circled around the warmth. Cuddling was the blissful couple of Lacey and Zach. Seated next to them was the always depressed Nicole along with the recently broken up Meagan and Brent. 

Prom night had come and gone but that wasn’t enough for this group of buddies. They arranged a fun camping trip for the weekend. And of course college was on the way, the moment when they’d all be going different directions. This was the last chance they had to hand out and they planned to take full advantage of it. 

“Hey Meg,” Brent said, “Could you wash all that artificial off your face? It doesn’t make you pretty, ya know.”

Meagan scoffed, “Hey Brent, if you would be so kind to stop wearing cups down there … I’d really appreciate it.” She smiled sweetly at him as he crossed his buff, muscular arms in anger. 

“Stop it you guys.” Lacey whispered, pressing closer into Zach. “This wasn’t what the camping trip is supposed to be about.” 

Nicole leaned to Lacey and cupped a hand at her ear, “You think they’ll get back together?” 

In surprise, it took Lacey a second or two to answer. “Oh for sure.” she reassured, “This happens almost every week anyway.”

“They look like they’re ‘bout to kill each other.”

“Naw, it’s not that hard to hold back. Besides, they’ll be back together after tonight … if you know what I mean.” She winked and giggled but Nicole didn’t follow suit. She only nodded and returned to her normal position: shoulders hunched and arms crossed. Nicole was the quiet one, the sad one. She hadn’t always been this way but her past experiences have stopped people from trying to cheer her up. After all, seeing your dad murdered before your eyes isn’t exactly something to bounce back from. But that’s another story. 

“Its getting late,” Zach reported, “Let’s get some sleep, okay?” The others nodded in agreement. “Who wants to sleep under the stars tonight?” He chuckled at the cliché words but frowned when two hands shot up: Meagan and Brent. 

“I do!” Brent said happily, glaring over at Meagan. She ignored him and followed the other girls into the RV to change into pajamas. 

“Where you sleeping, Zach?” Brent asked innocently. 

“Out here too, I guess. I gotta make sure nothing happens now.” 

“Oh no you don’t. Meg and I will be fine. Go get what you want from Lacey.” Brent barked a laugh. 

“Shut up. We’re not together just to screw, ya know? We actually like each other. Unlike you and Meagan.” 

“You leave us alone.” Brent snarled, “I’ll handle Meg.” Zach put his hands up as if to surrender and went around the RV to open up the storage for sleeping bags. Three sleeping bags.

The End

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