We have your boy

We have your boy.

Four simple words written in a scrawly hand. He kept re-reading it, although it said nothing more.


He went to the front door and let the two officers in. One was Montgomery-Officer Skinny, they called him. He could put away a dozen burgers at Macy's and not put on a single pound. The redhead with him looked familiar, but Frank couldn't put a name to him.

The two officers checked the place out, although he'd informed them that the perp had gotten away. He showed them to the kitchen, and where the note was still stuck on the fridge. Montgomery picked up the note with a pair of tweezers and turned it over.

"Nothing." He said. "No instructions, no demands." He put the note into an evidence bag.

"The place is a wreck." The redhead said. "Clearly, your son did not give in without a struggle."

Frank nodded. Clearly. He supposed he should have been proud that his son was such a fighter, but all he felt was concern. 

It was all a blur after that. Crime Scene showed up and found nothing. Montgomery sat Frank down and asked him the usual questions- questions that Frank himself had often asked. He answered them in the same lost manner that the others had. 

Helen wanted to stay over, but he sent her home- there was nothing she could do, and he felt like being alone. In his mind was etched the image of the baby-faced seventeen year old that meant more to him than anything in the world.

Eventually, everyone left. The new chief called him and assured him that they would do everything in their power to find his son. Many of his colleagues called him to show their sympathy. Eventually, when the chaos died out, it was two in the morning. He sat himself down at the kitchen table. In his hand was a picture taken five years ago at the beach picnic that the department and their families had went on that summer. Back when May had still been alive.

Frank was with May and Jake in the picture, looking happier than he'd felt in a long time now. May was smiling too. May, who had always been so full of life and joy. May, who had jumped off the the top floor of her office building for no apparent reason one day, and taken a part of Frank away with her. Jake was still there though, and he needed his father. Now more than ever. 

He got up, feeling energized even though it was so late. He wanted to start right away. Come up with possible motives, maybe, and from it, compile a list of possible suspects. Anything that might help.

He never got the chance. As he looked around for his laptop...



The End

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